Was I too fat to run.......Nahh :))

This time last week I was looking for a bit of guidance because I felt too fat and far to unfit to tackle any kind of running. I tried joining a beginners running group which was disastrous and dangerous the first run involved a 2.5k run x 2 around the town and in front of high profile drinking establishments with a more than enthusiastic adjudicating panel.....Oh the shame !!!! :/

I asked a question to the world wide web 'am I too fat to run'?

I desperately want to get back to the feeling of freedom and all the benefits i used to get from running, but feel like I've reached the point of no return.

I was guided to this forum and had such overwhelming response I thought I'd overcome the doubts, dark mornings and frosty day and start (having had a C25K app on my phone for 6 weeks) and actually start!!!

I am now looking forward to week 2 :D

I know this programme is do-able and will get me to where I need to be. It's great to feel that it is achievable.

I have run up to 7 miles in the past but feel so far away from fit that I didn't think it was possible to even contemplate running.

Hah :)))))))

Oh BTW week 1 was good, not easy, I don't believe there is such a thing as an easy run, however, do-able and I love the feeling of being back to it, it has given me such a mood lift :))


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12 Replies

  • Good for you. Sure you are going to enjoy it and you'll soon be back to running again. Keep blogging as you'll find all the encouragement will really help to keep you going. And I do agree it's a great mood lifter. Go for it.

  • Well done on getting started! It's definitely do-able, keep up the good work!

  • Well done that is wonderful! :-)

  • Well done on completing the first week, fantastic. Good luck for week 2 you will soon be back running for longer distances.

  • Great work Carole, very well done!

    Good luck on week 2!

  • Well done you. For several years I felt too fat to run and used to look at guys only a tiny but smaller than me and wonder how they did it. It's taken me two years of knowing I had to do something and ignoring it for me to somehow find the motivation to just get on and do it. Week one was so difficult and I ran with my head down for weeks as I didn't want to catch the eye of anyone thinking 'why is that fat man running, he will have a heart attack'. 2 months later and 20kg lighter I am still a big guy but I can run 5k in under 30 minutes and I'm damned proud of what I have achieved. We may have had challenges with food and may still have them but we've gotten off our bums and done something. I'm proud of what I have achieved and there's more to come. You go for it girl - one dress size at a time, and the odd wee treat too. We deserve it :-)

  • Well done you, you are an inspiration!!

    I need to tackle the whole diet thing as well, but, one step at a time and this is the key for me :)

  • Brilliant - well done you! That's the hardest hurdle done :-)

  • Good work! Here comes week 2 :)

  • Fantastic. That's what it's all about - looking forward to hearing how you get on in the weeks to come. I think you're going to do brilliantly.

  • Thanks everyone, great encouragement.:)) And great words of wisdom.

  • Brill, well done. you've done the hardest bit and actually got out there and started.

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