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Looking forward to it

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Well here I am back in Cyprus and just back from having a meal and a glass of wine. I did my graduation run here back on May 10 th of this year. I have just put my running gear ready for the 5 am morning start as I don’t like running in the heat and it gets hot here quite early. I’m really looking forward to doing the run, and I certainly did not think I would be saying that a year ago. I’m not a fast runner, slow and steady is my mantra. Since my graduation I’ve been doing consolidation runs but I’m going to try to go further whilst I’m here as it’s much flatter than home apart from the hill back to the house!

Hope everybody who remembers me is doing well!

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Beat me to it. Out in Greece again 18tb. Have fun. I’ve given up on pace because BPM goes too high and it’s no fun. Slow & steady and further is working better for me too. First run on sand this morning at Caister. Most relaxing

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MyzinnyboyGraduate in reply to GibsonBBKing

Im still really slow and I won’t get quicker just a bit more distance would be good . Well done to you for running on the sand . We had thunder and a bit of rain here this morning but hot hot hot soon after . It’s the early start for me to beat the heat !

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Basil1066Graduate in reply to Myzinnyboy

I'm in Cyp too - ran yesterday at 05.45, was great until it started pelting it down and I got soaked, in Nic, where are you?

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Jonno34Graduate in reply to Basil1066

There is a Running Event called Running Under the Moon on the 21st. I am thinking about doing the 5k.

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Basil1066Graduate in reply to Jonno34

Yep, I know of it, will have to see how I''m fixed for that. Having a friend arriving tonight so my schedule will probably be packed :-). If you go ahead and do that, best of luck!

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Great and enjoy running in Cyprus 😊

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I wonder how many countries c25k-ers have run in.

Good luck for your 5am start

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Probably a bit far but you could try the Lapta walkway, lovely breeze from the sea!

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Hi I’m over near Catalkoy going back 21 June!

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Well done Mzb! Lucky you running in Cyprus! I’m now off the IC and back at week 3 joffling along the seafront so I’m happy with that! Enjoy!

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Yes it’s lively to be back in Cyprus I have to go early in the morning as it’s too hot for me by 8 am . Wonderful smell of jasmine this morning!

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