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Any one run regularly with B12d?

I did the weekly programme in the set time with no major issues, starting in Jan 17 and was getting B12 injections every 6 weeks at the time as I had done for the previous year but the last two months have been a major struggle and I think the running must be depleting my B12 faster than I'm getting it injected, hence I had to pay for an injection privately after only 3 weeks and take a full week off running.

Been out this weekend post injection and a week's rest and found it fine again. I don't want to stop running, I'd rather pay for more injections (if I can't get them off my dr) but this has really thrown me just how depleted I am getting so quickly.

So does anyone run with B12 and how have you found it compared to pre-exercise? how much more rest or more regular injections compared to pre-running? any other solutions?

I'm only running 3 times a week at quite a slow pace for about 30 mins, this is nothing compared to the level of exercise I did pre deficiency issues so I don't feel I'm over doing it compared to what a normal person should be able to do easily.

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It might be worth your while having a search of other HealthUnlocked forums, via the search bar top right.

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I was particularly interested in a runners point of view rather than a B12d point of view if that makes sense.. how runners manage their exercise with a deficiency rather than the other way around :-/


Just a question.. if it is not too personal.. why are you having B12 every six weeks ?

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I got very deficient, drs didn't know why.. I am veggie but even so I take in way above the recommended amount but don't seem to be absorbing it from food.


When I first started C25K, I didn't know at the time but I was b12 deficient: I used exercise as a way of getting out of the house so I wouldn't fall asleep on the sofa before 7pm.

When I was finally diagnosed and was getting regular injections, I felt SO much better. I was getting mine every 3 months and wouldn't feel the tiredness coming back on till about 2 weeks before the next injection was due.

I guess the obvious question would be when did you last get your levels checked? have they got to the underlying reason for your B12 deficiency? I was a mystery but I was also very stressed so whether one precipitated the other ill never know..also how's your diet? I don't need injections anymore but since diagnosis I've made an active effort to eat B12 rich foods (red meat, dairy, fortified breakfast cereals) to boost my own levels.

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They shouldn't test levels once starting on injections or readings will be high.. I know my levels drop like a stone though.

I'm amazed you could run with an undiagnosed deficiency, before diagnosis I couldn't work let alone exercise, I could barely walk, I was severely 'ill'.

They don't know the reason for the deficiency but I should be on injections for life. I take all the recommended cofactors too. I do eat above the recommended levels even as a veggie but don't seem to absorb it orally (sublinguals or oral spray do nothing for me either).

I'm just a bit confused about just how much exercise/running seems to be depleting my levels, before I started running a 6 weekly injection was ok but now I'm only making 3 weeks.


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