Week One done!

Echoing Tvarley's earlier post, I have just completed Week 1! I am so pleased as this time last week I felt so daunted by the prospect of running as I felt so self-conscious. But I found that actually putting my running gear on helps, it feels like a uniform - even though I'm just wearing cheap Primark capris and an old t shirt - it helps me get in the mindset of running :)

I have completed the runs pretty comfortably (and slowly) although by the time I get home after warming down I want to collapse on the sofa and not move for quite a while - hoping this gets better as I go on!

Now I'm unsure whether to stick to the Mon/Wed/Fri pattern I did this week, or whether to start Week 2 on Sunday after having Saturday as a rest day... thoughts anyone?

I'm also looking into other forms of exercise on rest days - I've attended a high-intensity dance fitness class in recent weeks though skipped it this week as I thought it might be a bit too much, especially as the class really does wear me out by the end, more than running has so far...

Also wanted to say hello as I'm new to the forum! Sorry this post has become so long haha


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18 Replies

  • I was following a one day rest schedule, and it worked fine for me. (So just keep on going again on Sunday if you feel like it, and give yourself an extra day whenever you're feeling blatted? You could even tell yourself you're saving the extra rest days for later.) Sounds like it's going fine so far. I hope it continues that way.

  • That sounds like a good plan! Thanks :)

  • Welcome and Well done for completing week 1!! The first week is the hardest of all the weeks but you did it! There is no harm doing the class on rest days as your body will adjust, be realistic and gradually build it into your routine and you will have no problems.

    Good luck and I can't see why you can't run on Sunday! If you feel good and rested just go for it!

  • Thanks Vixchile! I think I will see how I feel on Sunday, I will probably try and slot some other form exercise in if I decide not to run :)

  • In the beginning I ran one, off one, ran one, off one, ran one, off two, then started again. Now though, I tend to go a bit mad on my runs and end up taking two days off to recover.

    The rest days really help you to recover and the advice on here is that it gives your body time to repair as well as recuperate. I think initially that the two days rest before going up a level are a good idea.

    Once you are a few weeks in and feel comfortable with how the programme works for you may feel like changing it to suit your needs. We are all different. Just rememeber it is not a race, there is no prize for going quicker or taking longer than the advised 9 weeks.

    Totally agree re: uniform. It is almost like armour. At first, I wouldn't go out without at least looking the part - at least until I actually started running where-upon the whole thing fell apart!

    Depending upon your fitness level, careful about over-doing it with cross-training. My son and I started Taekwondo again yesterday (another session tomorrow) and my legs are absolutely caning today - especially my knees. Ouch. Hopefully others will give better advice, though I have heard cycling, swimming, pilates (no idea what that actually involves) and yoga are good as they work different muscle groups to running.

    Finally, congrats on your week one accomplishment. Definitely the hardest.

  • Thank you Idolitorus! I definitely have felt the benefits already of having the rest days. I hadn't thought that going up a level might suit two rest days.. I might see if I can fit in some other type of exercise in this weekend before progressing on Monday. I have been doing a lot of walking on the rest days which I guess is better than nothing, enough to get my heart rate up.

    I definitely feel it has been an accomplishment - I feel so smug every time I finish a run! Hope it continues that way. Thanks again for your words of encouragement :)

  • Hi Lina and congrats on finishing week 1.

    Regarding rest days, the pattern I have followed from the start is run 1, rest day, run 2, rest day, run 3, 2 days rest, then start the next week. I feel the extra 2 days rest at the end of a week gives a chance for my legs to recover, others may disagree and say you only need 1 day rest between runs if you feel ok.

    Good luck with the programme :-)

  • HI Mimsickle thanks so much for you advice. I will probably play it by ear and see how I feel on Sunday, and if I don't run, I'll aim to fit in some other kind of exercise. I am surprising myself with this enthusiasm, not sure what's gotten into me ... :)

  • My wife plays the piano by ear.

    It is amusing watching her head bouncing up and down on the keys but it makes her neck sore.

  • That made me chuckle out very loud Idolitorus.


  • Congratulations! Well done you :-)

  • Thank you!! Everyone's advice on this forum really helped with my motivation :)

  • Same for me. Sometimes if it's really hard going I just think, come on, you can post on the forum when you're done, just keep going!!

  • I really have found the Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern, starting a new week on Monday is comfortable for me. It means that I have a 2 day rest before facing a new challenge too. It would depend on your weekly patterns though, I don't work so have more time in the week

  • Congratulations Lina! So pleased to hear you have completed week 1too!

    I was also wondering if I should keep to the Monday,Wednesday, Friday routine but I think I will and try abd do something on sundays at home.

  • Hello there Lena! Loved you in that film by the way. "I cayn't stan im!" Really makes me laugh. Sorry, I digress

    Welcome to the fold. The run days are to suit your schedule and you'll soon fall in to a regular pattern

    Other exercise on non-running days is a really good idea as it helps strengthen your body to support your running,. The better your overall fitness the easier the exercise will be. Don't overdo it though as it's early days so you don't want to get injured.

  • haha that is indeed where I got the inspiration for my username, she is everything I aspire to be (kind of!). Thanks for your advice!

  • Welcome and congratulations on a successful first run. It does get easier really! I tend to run every other day to keep myself on track, but there's nothing wrong with doing Monda, Wednesday, Friday either. All the best and well done!

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