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1st run - day one - week one -

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Hi, new to running

I thought if I got into exercise it would help me focus more on my healthy food, and then lead to desired weight loss, hopefully getting out to the gym after work twice a week and if I'm brave run outside Saturday morning instead of just staying in and watching television. Today was run one week one. It felt strange. I settled my brisk walk at 5.8 k I do walk quickly (normally 6k) (once a week if motivated ) and the minute run at 7k but I was wobbly on my feet at 7 and put it at 7.5 k which was slightly better , the last 2 separate minutes I set at 8k and 8.2k. This feels more comfortable and my stride felt better but I am concerned I may over do it. I feel I need to run faster to feel solid on the treadmill but don't want to damage my muscles, stamina and motivation. Anyone else had this problem . Any advice Much appreciated . I'm 5'6'' :) 53 female and 3 stone over weight :)

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Well done you for doing the first run. I do my sessions outside, so can't advise on how to set up a treadmill, but just wanted to say hello, and welcome and good luck with your next run!

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thanks Raven :)

I did my first runs on the treadmill as I was already doing a warm up for my gym workout that involved walking and power walking at intervals. My Week1 runs were based on 6.5km per hour for the walk (which I know is quite fast so probably could be 6km/hour, and my 1 minute runs were set at 8.5 and then 9km/hour. Like you, I found that if I set the treadmill at a lower speed I couldn't get my pace right, felt wobbly.

I'm also 5'6" female and 52, and have enjoyed running since I started this programme. I originally did all my running at the gym, but have discovered, much to my surprise, that I quite enjoy running outside too.

I think you just need to set the treadmill at a speed that is ok for you, but don't go too fast. As many have said to me in this forum, slow and steady is the C25K mantra.

Look after yourself and enjoy your next run.

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thanks :) Razouski, I will go with what feels comfortable for the treadmill probably 6 for walking and find a comfortable 8.something - then see how my legs are the next day :) when I can run a distance I may just get out there in the real world to run on a Saturday, at the moment its pitch black when I get up and when I get home from work so wouldn't feel safe running along the country lanes, haha listen to me I've only done day one week one - but feel quite excited at the challenge :)


I found 6 to 6.5 good for walking then 7.5 to 8.5 for running but I guess it varies for different people.

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Thanks Vangus. I shall go for what feels comfortable :)


Take it steady and find a pace that you feel comfortable with, that's what I think. Well done for beginning the programme. Happy running! I look forward to hearing your progress.

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Thanks Flossie22 :))

That sounds complicated. Running outside requires much less grey matter! Slow is good to start with. A running motion which is hardly any faster than walking seems to work for most people in the early stages. If you go off too fast, you'll just get worn out and disheartened. You can worry about getting faster once you graduate.

Thanks useitorlooseit Getting worn out is what I am concerned about. It's difficult for me to run outside during the week as it's dark when I get up and when i get home. Hopefully Saturday will be good to get outside :) a treadmill feels strange to run on but I'm sure if I persevere it will be more familiar

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I quite agree, I suppose I just like the freedom of running without thinking to much. Did try a treadmill some years ago but could never seem to find the pace that I felt comfortable with and spent most of the time paying with speed and slope angles.

Never used a treadmill when doing the C25k this year, mainly as they are not open at 4am and too manic when I get home around 6pm with everyone else there.

It also may just be in the mind but I find running outside on grass easier.


I agree with useitorlosit it does sound complicated πŸ˜€. I also only run outside and tend to just stick with a pace that feels comfortable. Interestingly enough as you progress through the program that "feels comfortable" pace will gradually increase on its own without any real effort, at least that was my experience.

The program helped me enormously with my diet! Cut back on the carbs and the weight will fall off...it's almost like magic.

Good luck!

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Thanks :) I really hope so. Today I feel good and proud of myself. No aching muscles so hopefully paced it right. Difficult for me to get outside to run until spring when the days will get longer Nice thought. :)

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Actually I haven't lost any weight due to running. In the early stages of C25K it made me make better choices because I was quite evangelical, but I've slipped back a bit. I maintain my current weight by doing a loose version of the 5:2 fasting diet (I can't get by with only 500 cals as I get the shakes and feel ill, but I drastically reduce my intake 2 days per week and that stops me putting any weight on. Post menopause I have developed a sweet tooth which I never had before - what's that all about??!!).

Useitorlooseit. I am also hoping that the running will help me make the right food choices. I feel as if I have been dieting for years. Up to a few years ago I naturally chose healthier foods as that's what I enjoyed. Not sure what happened. New job Menopause. Kids going to university Never thought to put it down to menopause as my eating habits have changed drastically. You made me laugh as I also now have a sweet tooth. Something new to me. That means not only I'm a savoury person I am now also a sweet person. Maybe that's the menopause


One of the reasons I don;t like treadmill running. I tend to run to the speed set on the treadmill wheareas as when outside I run to how I feel. If I feel I can run quicker I do, obviously if I don;t then I don't. I then find out how quick I have been at the end, and sometimes I surprise myself.

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Yes it's definitely more complicated on the treadmill. I can only run outside on a Saturday. So during the week it's the only option. I need to do this so hopefully it all becomes more natural. It will be interesting to compare them:). Didn't look at the stats but will next time. :)

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