The B210K Experience: Week One, Run One

Good morning one and all.

Well, that was tough. Not that I was expecting it to be particularly easy or anything, but it was hard work. Allow me, please, to elaborate, but first, for those new here or haven't the faintest idea of what I speak, I'm referring to the 'Bridge to 10K' programme, which follows on from C25K. This is week one: four ten-minute segments of running, each interspersed with one* minute of walking, and with the standard five-minute warm-up/cool-down walk.

The morning started, as all my runs generally do, with the 0329 alarm. Sounds early but one does get used to it. One is shattered by the weekend, mind! Anyway, up I get (I think I hear raindrops emanating from outside. At least, I hope it's from outside or there's a serious issue somewhere!) and it's onward for the pre-run breakfast. The usual Peanut Butter Rice Cake and, as the distance is going up, four figs. Four of them. om nom nom. That done, time to get ready and head out.

Running gear on, out the door we go. It's drizzling, lightly, and is slightly misty. What a nice morning for a run. Still a bit dark too, at 0407. I like dark. Off we go then. I commence the walking and fire-up the MP3 player, looking for the B210K W1R1 file. Found it. Let's get going. Oh, hello, you must be Samantha. Sam, it's a pleasure to meet you. You are a bit quiet, yes. Five minutes of walking now to warm up. Set stopwatch and off we go; it is a very pleasant morning.

I press the Run button on Miss Garmin to get her locating her satellite friends. Onward we walk. The music sounds interesting; Laura could learn many much from Sami's choices. Anyway, onward. 04.37 of walking and I set Endomondo going. Sam starts walking and tells me to run. Woah, that's it? No forward warning to prepare myself?! I was warned about this but there really is no warning at all! Well, I'm not rushing. I'm on the little 'woodland trail thing' I discovered on yesterday's journey back from the cinema. It really is just an off-road path through some trees by the roadside, but it's not concrete and it's nice. I set Miss Garmin going and restart the stopwatch for running and I'm off.

The take-off goes without incident, as do the first five minutes: nice and settled, sort of, with no breathing issues, yet. I discover that it's actually really warm this morning too. So far so good; right turn now, up a hill, which gets steeper, evens out and gets steeper still before evening out and getting steeper before evening out. Yeah. Onward. The hill forces me to slow a bit but it's not as bad as it could have been. Still hard work, mind. That goes okay and I cross the road and start going up the other hill before Sam comes on to tell me to walk. Right you are. Thank goodness.

Throttling back and walking briskly now I take some water on board, having a good old guzzle.

* = I'm no timing expert but these one minute walking segments really aren't, unless my timing is waaaaay out! You see, dearest reader, I reset the stopwatch for the walking and by my count, on 43 seconds, Sam tells me to run again, with no warning whatsoever, just okay, run! Hmmmmm. Not a problem. Stopwatch reset and off we go again. All along the flat before turning left and descending. Obstacle now; have to duck under some ****ing railings, up a flight of stairs and across a footbridge, before going up a long steady hill. Time to walk again and by my count this is 53 seconds, give or take one or so, but definitely not a full minute, by my count, anyway. Onward.

Just under 5K now and the LNV (Little Nagging Voice) is starting, wondering if I should pack in at 5K. I must say, it's tempting. I can't; I'll carry on, see how I progress; I'm over half way anyway now. The music has been interesting so far; Britney was just on with Circus. She sings the following:

"There's only two types of guys out there,

Ones that can hang with me, and ones that are scared"

As one does when running at that time of a morning, one ponders this over. Could I hang with her, or am I scared? Well, the amount of drunks out in town this morning is astonishing; I'm on the road now just to keep out of the way; I think I can handle Britney just fine, thank you very much! ;-) The chance to see would be good! ;-) Onward, always.

Downhill now. Feeling quite tired but it's time for the last walk-break, which goes as quickly as the others and it's into the final ten. I change my already extended route a bit to allow for the extended distance. Seven minutes left; I'm glad I didn't stop earlier; it's damn hard work, but worth it. I carry on, slowing down a bit; I must start watching my pace more or I'm really gonna struggle. I look at Miss Garmin: 8.20K with a minute to go. On I go and it's getting really tough now. Sam comes on to say I've done it, I can walk! Woo! I actually let out a woop and raise my bottle in celebration; I don't give a fig (they're all at home anyway) who's watching. I decide to carry on to 8.5K. At 8.5K I think balls to it, 9K then stop. Well, that final 0.5K may as well have been a marathon with a 10K pinned onto the end of it. Len comes on: Steal My Sunshine. I like this! Glance at Miss Garmin: 9.01K in 46 minutes. That's enough; I'm physically exhausted. I go back to walking and down the rest of the water, feeling thoroughly shattered and invigorated. God that was hard.

I probably should have stopped when I was told to. But it's done now. I'm not sure how I feel about these podcasts. I mean. I'm very grateful for Sami for making them but the timings are out a bit (the walking segments, at least) and there really is no warning at all for interval transitions. I like the music but I'm wondering whether to carry on with the timings just using my stopwatch and my own music; at least then I know what's coming and when. Of course, that requires more forethought and planning, but Sam definitely kept me on my toes! I'll see; I'll have a think about it.

So, today I learnt that I must definitely pace myself for this to work. It's not easy. I'm glad I didn't stop: keep running, always. It IS worth it. Also, so many revellers out in town this morning! I just plodded on past them all; I'm getting used to it now and I don't think any bothered me. Not that I'd have known as you need the volume up reasonably high to hear Sami, but seeing as she's lower than the music, the music blasts and she's quiet, so there could have been an ambulance behind me with sirens going (at times I felt I needed it!) and I'd have known not a thing about it!

I notice that my right ankle is still sore; it's not painful as such, just a tiny dull ache; I realise this is the symptom of a stress fracture, but I'm not too worried at the moment: it could be anything. It's not so bad now and when I'm running it vanishes totally. Just a little bit of discomfort, mainly at rest. No swelling or pain when probed. I'll monitor it: if it's the same on Friday, I'll RICE over the weekend; still no change by next week I'll see the doctor. But it goes when running so I doubt it's a fracture. It's not troubling me now either as I write this; probably just muscle soreness.

So that's it for today; I feel great now, so invigorated, but that was definitely a tough step-up. not impossible by any means but it wasn't easy!

Happy running, everyone, no matter what stage of the programme, and beyond, you're at. If you're resting or injured, happy resting.

Onward, always. :-)


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63 Replies

  • I have down loaded B210k but i will wait a little bit before starting it, I have zombies to evade :)

    Well done on today, I've heard other say sam is very quiet during podcast one, but you can hear her ok on the rest of them. It's great to hear about other training plans

  • Happy zombie-evading! :-) Yeah, I'll see how it goes. I may look at other plans or just do it myself; it's the lack of warning before an interval change that gets me!

    And thank you, Spoonie. :-)

  • I want to hear all about the zombie evading! That sounds like an awesome event! Have fun!

  • There are actual zombie runs, races where you get chased by zombies google and there are a range of options. But I am using a zombie run app.

  • I saw there was (or is) one in Battersea Park at some point - they sound like a great laugh... I like the idea of the app... nothing like a bit of "speed training" to keep you on your toes... :)


    I'm actually doing the 5k training one, but that's because I am using my husbands phone and that's the one he has.

    But I am going to work through the plan and instead of run walk, I am going to sprint and slow down and then see how it goes.

  • Great great post as ever M_Y. That B210k sounds a right nightmare (was going to write b*gger but I'm too much of a lady) oh whoops! Before I say anything else, for goodness sake look after that ankle. Take it from someone who's had their fair share of running related joint pain, please please don't leave it until the weekend, look after it NOW! A stitch in time and all that... and I bet I'm not the only person who says that to you today.

    Anyway, 9k in 46 minutes. Wow! Woweeee! Crumbs! Nuff said.

    Have a nice day

  • Thank you, GM. :-) Yes, I will start to care for it now; seems fine for the minute actually, has done since the run. I think what I meant was I wouldn't seek medical opinion until next week, unless it gets very bad without warning. I'll look after it forthwith!

    It is a bit of a bugger but I don't think I helped matters!

  • I look forward to chapter 2:-) Joking apart as always your posts are informative and I have been considering the what happens next when( note when not if) I make the end...have a good day and onwards and upwards!!

  • Thank you, Pot! :-) Yes, definitely WHEN you complete C25K; no if about it! :-) Thank you; I'll post the next instalment after R2. Have a good day! :-)

  • How can I get it on my I phone , it won't download from that link that's on here . ? Thanks for any help .

  • Hm, I think I'll leave it a while till B210K: I'll get my distance up to the 5k mark first, and then whittle my time down a tad. I take my hat off to you for going straight on to it directly after C25K.

  • Thanks, Becca. It's not THAT bad; I just think I perhaps overdid it a bit! Hope your post-grad running is going well! :-)

  • Hmm - yes -- 9klm in 45 minutes -- sounds a bit to me that you might be going at it a bit too fast. This was WEEK 1, wasn't it?? :)

  • Yes, Bazza, it was indeed week one! I think perhaps I did go a bit too quick; that was my usual C25K speed, indeed a touch slower but I think I need to take it steadier still. :-)

  • Great post M_Y! Must say I listened to B210K in the car the other day and I'm undecided as to whether to do these podcasts or run to my own music when I up my game in a couple of weeks... Your blog and insight is as valuable as ever! And look after the ankle dude :) have a great week.

  • Thank you, Drummond. :-) Yes, I think I'm going to go down the route of my own music ; the intervals aren't overly complex so should be easy enough to keep track of, especially in the latter stages of it.

    I'll keep the updates going! Have a good week and happy running, always. :-)

  • RICE doesn't have to happen only at weekends - it can be during evenings and rest days too ;)

    You can set intervals on endomondo and it beeps at you and tells you to run at high/medium/low intensity so then you wouldn't have to have your stopwatch out while you're running, and you could have the podcast going because it would probably fit reasonably well and it sounds like you like the music.

    Anyway- a warning here - I think you probably could get carried away with doing too much too soon in all your enthusiasm. Be careful, and DON'T aim for flat out every time. I realise you are a fast runner, but that was super-fast and almost 50% increase in running time compared with W9R3, so don't overdo it. Slow and steady will get you running further and for longer and for a longer term.

  • Hi, RNB! :-) Yes, you are right; I've ordered an ice pack from Amazon and in the meantime I have the trusty frozen peas; I'll get right on it when I get in. :-)

    I know, it was a bit quick; I wasn't aiming for that though, I was going at my usual pace but I really will make a concerted effort not to go too quickly the next time out. I really wasn't doing an all-out full throttle run or anything. Very wise words, thank you, I appreciate it. :-)

  • Great Post again Miles.

    Well done for trying to build on your graduation. I am sure once you get used to the program you will sail through it.

    Happy Running

  • Thank you Redskins! Have you been out running today? :-)

  • Hi Miles

    Yes I did. Going to use Week 9 podcast for now as covering 4.6km in 30 min so will build up to 5k.

    Not a bad run, kept saying to myself you can stop anytime - no pressure, but I just kept going. One or two hard stages (About the 10 and 15 minute mark) but glad I went.

    Mojo slowly returning :)

  • Thanks KittyKat007. That is one reason for starting the programme just to get fit and tone up (a lot needed!!!)

  • Hi Redskins. :-) Sounds like you had a really good run; well done for continuing on with the running; I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling enthused by it again! You covered a great distance and are doing the right thing; keep the great work up and good luck for your next run! :-)

  • Thanks Miles. Have been looking for a app to help record my runs. Looked at enmondo but so many others to choose from so maybe some more research is needed

  • Thank you kindly, Kitty. :-) Of course, you are right. Got an ice pack on the way from Amazon and some frozen peas in the freezer until that arrives. Actually there's no problem at all with it since, but I'll ice away to be safe. Probably just sore muscle but we can't be too careful.

    I just ran my usual pace today but realise that it's most likely too quick and unsustainable for the programme. I'll slow it right down for the next outing; hopefully I'll fid it easier. I suppose 9K in 46 minutes is a lot for anyone who's not an experienced elite runner!

    The first minute interval definitely wasn't a minute; it caught me out! Sad, I know, but I'll time it again when I get in. I haven't a stopwatch on me at the moment.

    Yes, I was thinking that actually. I was researching personal trainers specialising in running and there's one not too far from me, conveniently, so I may get in touch for some professional advice. I will go steady as I don't want to overdo it and get injured. :-)

  • Doesn't that one minute break go by fast??? I'm on Week 2 run 3 is next on my list. I have dumped the music though and programmed my garmin and go out with my music I find it easier. I go at my own pace and last run did 5.88km in the 48 mins I know it's not a lot, but I felt great I could sing along to my music and wasn't out of breath at all. I even felt like I could go on after the last 15mins. That was yesterday, today I went and did a 30 mins swim at the pool, and tomorrow will be a day off as I have a long day of exams for my students. Will do run 3 on wednesday. I am now trying to swim at least twice a week I feel that it does my muscles some good. I'm lucky I only have to cross the road to get to the park and the local pool and the outdoor pool is open now so I can get a tan too.

  • Hey :-)

    Yes. Yes it does! It flies by, totally flies by! Sounds like you're getting on really well with the programme; your distance is fine, I think it may be mine that's the issue!

    I'm on a waiting list for swimming lessons; it's brilliant that you have somewhere really nice to swim so close to you! :-)

    Good luck with run three; I hope tomorrow isn't too long a day for you! :-)

  • Hey :) Great idea the swimming lessons, I used to be a lifeguard which is how I ended up leaving Manchester and came to France for a summer, that was 20 years ago lol. Now I'm an English teacher in French University. Tomorrow is for the oral entrance exams so will be at it from 8am to 6pm :( after that the only thing I will want to do is sink into a long hot bath. :)

  • LOL, I think France beats Manchester every time, as pleasant a place Manchester is! I think I'd rather run in France, given the option! When I'm finally able to (bit of a time away though) I want to do the French Riviera Marathon as my first marathon; it looks beyond awesome. :-)

    Sounds like a really long day you have tomorrow; I hope it goes well. You'll definitely have earned that bath afterwards! :-)

  • You can't swim? Sorry to sound shocked. My mind boggles when people can't swim (despite the fact that my dad can't swim) I've always been a water baby.

    Go you a big thumbs up for getting on the waiting list for lessons, swimming is brilliant and a really important skill. You will have to let us know when those lessons come up and how you get on.

  • LOL, no need to apologise, Spoonie! No, I can't; I've been to pools many times but for whatever reason I never picked it up. I could have swimming lessons in the week immediately but all the local leisure centres have blocks of ten-week lessons and the midweek times clash horribly with work. If it was at the beginning of the day or right at the end, I could be allowed to come in late/go early but they're at such awkward times I can't get out of work for them. They're half the price of weekend lessons too!

    I phoned up to book when I was on week three of C25K, or there abouts. Telephoned the week before last to see how far up the queue I've moved and I've gone from fifth to fourth, in about six weeks! Ah well, I'm in the queue at least!

    You are right, it is such an important skill; I'm so clumsy I daren't run on a towpath until I can swim, lest I fall into the bloody canal and get into difficulties! Really looking forward to it (learning to swim, not falling into a canal!) just a bit frustrated about the wait, but there's not a lot I can do about that. I'll do a little diary of my swimming lessons here, I think, when I finally get going with them!

  • Good idea to stay away from the canal.

    I am sure the wait won't be much longer.

    I shall look forwards to the swimming reports and your first run next to a body of water.

  • I did, Kitty, but have no idea at all why I never picked it up. I should have done it years ago, but ah well, I'll be on with it soon enough and it'll be another little adventure. :-)

  • Hey M_Y :-)

    You MUST learn to swim BEFORE you learn to run a marathon distance otherwise you'll have to skip the French Riviera as your Maiden Marathon for fear of an impromptu dip in the Med!

    You Speedo you (chuckle chuckle!!!) :-)

  • Thanks KittyKatt, when I started I really wanted those 5k under 30 mins now I don't care. I just want to finish the runs and feel good.

  • here's to a speedy recovery to you :)

  • So sorry to hear that, Kitty; I hope you feel soooooo much better soon. :-)

  • Good morning MY!

    You make me die! I think I'd be tired if I was running faster than a speeding bullet, too! I'm so glad that you are continuing with the programme and would be interested to know how you are getting on with the podcasts. I notice that you are still using Endomondo, why don't you just upload your Miss Garmin to Endomondo if you prefer the interface? I am going to upload my data to Runkeeper as well as Garmin, until I decide which I prefer :)

    I didn't have a Fitmo Special for breakfast, so I think that didn't help. No more half a banana for me, I shall get Mr T. to rustle me up a peanut butter rice cake and prunes (still can't find figs anywhere!) for my Wednesday run... here's hoping it is a run, and not another shuffle! You have done absolutely brilliantly! I can't believe you are running almost 10K already! Whay have you not utilised this talent before?! This will be you in a few months time!

    Have a great Monday :)

  • What an inspiring and incredible read - thanks for the link!!

  • Hey Mousey! Your Graduate badge really suits you! :-) Thanks for the link, by the way; that is incredible and a really inspirational story!

    I really don't know where it came from, nor how I manage it! I just start running, and, well.... But I really should slow down a bit. Last thing I (or anyone, really!) need is an injury! Are you just doing your own runs for the time being without following a set programme? I actually might find a 10K programme that lasts longer than six weeks and with a more gentle build-up. I'll have a good look round in a bit.

    Hope you have a really good run on Wednesday! :-) The PBRCs really are great, aren't they. Sorry you're struggling to find figs. I have the dried figs that are usually in the home baking aisle. And very tasty they are too!

    Hope you're having a great day. :-)

  • What the heck is a Fitmo Special?

  • Haha, it's a nickname I gave To Miles_Yonder's pre-run breakfast, which consists of a rice cake topped with peanut butter (and 3 figs). Fitmo (the inspiration and motivation for many of us C25Kers) cursed M_Y for inducing her to try it, as she was finding them a bit addictive, so I named it the 'Fitmo Special' as we weren't allowed to mention the meal for fear of re-kindling her 'habit'! I hope that makes sense! :) (You should try it, it's lovely!)

  • Generally speaking a Fitmo Special would be a slice of toast about an hour before going out. Now this slice of toast comes from a loaf of Fitmo's home made wholemeal bread with added seeds (sunflower, linseed and a couple of other types to lower the GI value). On return from run a nice cold slice of fresh pineapple followed by scrambled egg and baked beans with another slice of toast from Fitmo's home made wholemeal bread with added seeds. Or possibly a small omelette with mushrooms. Or even, dare I say it, a jolly good fry up.

  • That sounds delicious. But to be honest, if I had a warm, freshly home-baked wholemeal bread, I probably wouldn't go running, but would be covering it in butter and raspberry jammmmmm. So lovely to see you back Fitmo, I have missed you...we've all missed you. New name? x

  • At risk of keeping you from your running - I make my own jam as well. I have an allotment and also go blackberrying. As to the new name - I had deleted my account and it can never be retrieved so I had to have a new name. All is explained on the 'Where's Fitmo' thread. Anyway, the middle bit 'Card13' reflects another of my little hobbies. Now, I've been saying for the last hour or so that I really need to get some shuteye - but every time I try to log out another message arrives! I'll try again. Cheers.

  • Well done! I'm about to start Week 2 and I ditched Sam for my own tunes and MapMyRun calling out intervals (and they are actually 60 second walks then!)...

    Be careful with pace... I have found Week 1 really hard on my legs and lots of people here have had a few injuries crop up as a result of "too much, too soon". There are many ways to 10K and B210K is a tough route with a mad amount of mileage and duration involved. I'm sticking with it, but be careful and pace yourself - it's a huge challenge!

  • Thank you, Oz. :-) It's a shame because Sam seems really nice but I did struggle a bit with the unexpectedly shorter walk breaks and the lack of warning on an interval change!

    You're right, thank you; I'm looking into longer 10K plans as if I keep this up I'll severely overdo things. I do like the B210K programme but have a serious need to better pace myself.

  • Sami's music is geared specially for the programme as regards tempo, speed and lyrics. She puts in intervals of instrumental music to slow your pace right down to warn you that a faster segment is coming. It's brill! She's a bit quiet after Laura but I absolutely love the music and it's really enthusing

  • The last thing I need is further enthusing! :D The music was good today and definitely better than Laura's choices!

  • Sorry if this is repeated somewhere but where can I find Sam's music? I graduated C25K a week ago, did the R4L yesterday (not managing to run the whole thing but nearly!) and want to move on now ..

  • Try this -

    It's a large download and they're in MP3 format I think.. I can't do Britney while I run (sorry!)... :)

  • Thanks. Took a while on my phone but have downloaded it and will give it a go, as it may prevent me from feeling desperate to buy an ipod as the 15 songs I have been able to get onto my phone are driving me mad .. thank you!

  • Blimey Miles , you don't let the grass grow under your trainers , that's for sure ! :-) I am totally gobsmacked that on Day 1 of Week 1 of B210K , you ran over 9k ! Are you even human ? :-) I am speechless ! ( and that doesn't happen often ) You must be one of those people that are naturally fast .

    Enjoy the rest of the programme and keep posting, they are always a pleasure to read, you turbo person, you :-) xxx

  • Thank you, Poppy! :-) You're gobsmacked? Nowhere near as much as me; I honestly never set out to do as much; I just extended the route I used for Friday and that was the result!

    Thanks again Poppy. :-) xxx

  • An amazing run MY.

    Makes me feel even more ashamed of my lack of running this morning. Best get my @rse in gear and get out tomorrow. A 35 min run is the plan and I shall pop in tomorrow and advise.

  • Thank you, Runner! And nonsense, you deserve a lie-in now and again! Good luck with your run tomorrow! :-)

  • Ha Miles! I often see an ambulance passing when I'm out and about running and wonder if someone has booked it for me preemptively. Sadly, so far, no-one has ever been so thoughtful.

    It was good to hear about your first run on B210K. I too have noticed that Sam's timings are a little dodgy, so far it seems that her run times are accurate but walks always tend to be on the short side. The lack of notice means that I spend my minute walking holding my breath for the first sign of her voice at which I immediately start running so that my pedantic-running-shoulder-angel can't accuse me of being a run dodger. I wouldn't blame you if you were to abandon Sam, I'm sticking with her due to sheer lack of imagination and the fact I'm too lazy and clumsy to do my own timings. Having said that, in week three she does tell you that you're 'kicking some butt' which is definitely good to hear! She has also yet to let me down on the Britney front, third hit in three weeks!

    Anyway, well done on that spectacular distance, yours is the type of back I often glower at while out running. I've only made it to 7.7 km and that's in week 3! However i am looking to boost that to 8 tomorrow :)

    Happy running and I hope the ankle is recovering, Emily.

  • Hi Emily! :-)

    Last week, I think it was, I saw two paramedics cars and an ambulance, all in different places. I was starting to get mighty concerned!

    Yes, definitely. The run times are accurate but the walk breaks are a bit off. In week one, at least. I know what you mean, even though you can make up for not running when Sam says so, because you're taken totally by surprise, it still feels a little like cheating, doesn't it?! Even though it's not! I am looking for other 10K plans but I'll either use Sam's timings to my own music, or perhaps come up with my own plan based on an amalgamation of others I've seen. I'll have a good think over the next day.

    That said, the music is enticing! Some really good songs today; Len, Steal My Sunshine, is always good. Nice to hear ol' Britters too and a good one from Avril Lavigne, who features prolifically in my own playlist. Land of Confusion by Disturbed was great too; not heard that in aaaages!

    Good luck for tomorrow, but you are doing the right thing. I seemingly got carried away, I think! Let us know how you get on.

    Ankle seems a bit better; twingey, occasionally, but not too bad. :-)

  • I never thought I'd like listening to Britney, Rhianna or wotsername from Columbia???? But I DO NOW!!! It's great to run to. Come on guys! Shakira!!!! That's the lady who warbles about her breasts being small and humble so you don't mistake them for mountains. That really made me laugh but it got my feet moving. I really like "Surrender" by Cheap Trick but I don't know which weeks it puts in an appearance

  • I can understand Shakira's concern, MissW; I mean, it's an easy enough mistake to make: breasts v mountains. We've all done it. I'm never allowed back to the Alps for that reason. :D

  • Ha ha! Splurted tea all o'er me screen now!

  • Sorry! :D

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