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Week 9 Run 1 complete


Really hitting my stride now - the last three runs I've done with no real issues either physical or mental! I am getting faster too, which was a tad frustrating this morning as it meant that rather than timing the 30 minutes beautifully so I stopped running at the end of the trail, I had to run through town and jog on the spot waiting for traffic like a purple faced idiot. I also realised that my snazzy new running shorts don't have pockets so I had to hold my phone, and also elderly dog walkers' jaws drop at the sight of my legs, although I'm not quite sure why... and next time I'll leave it a little longer after a large Sunday breakfast before a run!

Still, I'm really pleased with myself and really exited for the final two runs. So close to graduation now and really looking forward to building up to being able to run more during the week and adding in other exercise on rest days - the difference to my mental health has been immense, and it's just so nice as a mum of young children to grab 40 minutes where I don't have to do or be anything to anybody, I can just run!

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Huge well done..just enjoy the runs... and know that many of us have entertained stationary traffic... with our, waiting to go, antics:)

It is so, so important for all the awesome Mamas and Dadas too, to get some time for themselves..time to run and time to enjoy!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I have seen a few runners in the centre of Glasgow waiting at a red light just in the position you describe, the only time I ran was when a concert I attended finished at 9.30 pm, the bus I was due to get was at 9.35, a leasurly walk from the concert hall to the bus station takes 10 minutes, but thanks to C25K I ran and got that bus with a few seconds to spare. 😊 🏃


Well done and glad you are enjoying c25k , and your right running has a whole load of benefits 😊😊

Well done! I’ll be joining you soon! Get the fizz on ice! 😁


Keep going. You are so nearly there. Hope you enjoy completing the course and all the delights beyond.


2 more to go ! So close !

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