W2 R2 complete!

Got out there again this morning enjoyed run, but have some discomfort in lower legs, shins and calf's is this normal will it go away?

It's more sore than a pain, other than this run was fine i'm taking it nice and slow, my test will be at weekend i work 7am til 7pm and am planing to run pre-work!

i'm really not a morning person but then neither am i a runner so will be an experience but i'm staying positive and am just doing it rather than 'thinking'


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8 Replies

  • Frankel, Hi and welcome to the C25K. I am just a beginner too, so I don't feel qualified to be giving out advice. However, I can tell of my limited experience.

    I too had (and still have to a limited degree) shin pain. I took some advice from Ruth_canal_runner and got some good running shoes, that were suited to my flat feet, and the muscle pain reduced. I also strap my lower legs with compression supports, and this seems to help.

    I also think that the initial runs were a shock to my lower legs, and as they are getting stronger they are better able to cope.

    I also had aching shins, on the bone just below the knee in week 2. Being less bouncy and slowing down my pace seemed to help with this.

    I usually strap ice packs to my shins (not directly onto skin!) for 20 mins after a run as I cool down with a drink of water and lemon.

    I expect others will give more technical advice. Good luck with future runs, keep up the good work :)

  • NOT thinking can be just the ticket sometimes. If we stop to ask ourselves, "Am I in the mood to go running?" we might never go. :)

    All the best with your weekend - that's a long shift to work around for a run.

  • I know now that once I am changed into my running gear I am ready to go! A bit like Mr Benn (70's children's cartoon), I am transformed by the costume.

    Maybe not a true runner yet, but it gets me out the door, ready to start! :P

    Mind Games and Motivation is half the battle for me :)

  • I loved Mr Benn. :)

  • One of my favourites :)

  • Before my time I'm afraid :-(

  • Early morning runs are brilliant! Set you up for the day..honestly!

    Our bodies do protest a little at the unaccustomed exercise regime, it lets you know what is going on !

    Good running shoes.. ( there are lots out there, and not all costing mega-bucks).. and as you are doing steady and slow :)

    A good warm up, and then try to land lightly and gently; there can be a sort of heavy throwing of the feet down when we start... probably intense concentration :)

    So, relax, and enjoy a gentle run...the not thinking about it follows... except the, " Gosh, Ican't wait to run again" thoughts, which are wonderful!

    Let is know how you go ?

  • I had really sore calves for the first couple of weeks, especially W2R3 when I could barely walk never mind run. I then slowed down even more, and found the discomfort lessened - and yes it does get better. I graduated last week, and though I still have little niggles specially when I first set out, I can run for 30 minutes without my legs complaining too much. Good luck and keep going :-)

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