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W2 R2

Well i survived W2R2 however did find it a struggle tonight. I felt more out of breath tonight than i felt last run and didnt pick up the pace at all. maybe just an off night or blame the weather !!

Im determined i am going to keep at this, joined SW last night too so defo motivated. bad time of year but hey ho when is a good time.

positive thinking :-) A x

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Every week and every run can be a challenge, but is all very doable!!!! Next run may be a breeze for you! :-) Keep blogging and running! Gayle


Well done, A!! You said that you found this run a worries...I found every run to be a struggle!!!! :-) Remember as you go along that each week gets progressively more difficult. There are going to be times when it seems that you aren't improving, but keep the faith!! You will improve with every run that you complete!!

You are off to a nice start!! Keep it up!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Your posting is the same as I felt with my wk2r2 on Monday, from previously "winniemae'


For me, w2r2 was the worst run. I thought I'm not gonna finish it but somehow I managed. W2r3 was soo much better. Now I'm at w3r2 and I'm still alive... Keep it up, you can do it :)


Just done W2r1 - it was a struggle, felt like I was running through treacle on 5th run but some how the last bit felt so much easier - seeing the end in sight ? Keep it up


Well done, I always find the R2's the hardest ?? dunno why but I do lol.


well done for sticking with it. You'll have some great runs and some not so great runs, as the others said, you sometimes feel you are not making progress, but actually you are preparing yourself with every run for the next week. It really is worth the effort. I found the success and determination has spilled over into other areas of my life, which has been a big bonus to the running goals :-) Keep running


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