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Hmmm.... knee hurting again

Knee stopped hurting. Waited a few more days. Ran twice (with rest day between) and stretched afterwards. Knee hurting again.

I'm wearing good shoes, a support, using ibuprofen, icing. I'm thinking that I maybe need (once the knee feels good again) to leave longer gaps between runs. Any thoughts? Two days of rest between each run to give more time for recovery?

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Have you tried doing some strengthening exercises in between runs? Just some squats and lunges should really help to give the knee some stability. Failing that, maybe you need to see a physio for some advice


I've been doing the NHS knee strengthening exercises since before Christmas and I'm a longtime yoga person. I have a good physio, so maybe I should do that.


Has any diagnosis been made as to why the knee is hurting. The knee is quite a complex joint so maybe an expert's advice might help?

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