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Twingey knee, end of week 2

Hi there. I'm on my third(!) go through couch to 5k. The first time (years ago) I completed it, but last time I stopped because of sore knees.

This time I've just completed week 2 and my right knee is hurting. I really don't want to stop again (ideally not even for a rest as I feel I'll lose my motivation) but what can I do to make it better? Shorter strides? Running (even) slower? I find it really hard to land on the balls of my feet but I'm trying to land lightly and not heel strike, more of a flat foot I suppose. Advice?

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If you read the guide to the plan you will see methods of minimising impact.

Stretching after every run and knee strengthening exercises will also help

Take care.

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I would first try and figure out why the knee is feeling it. Shoes alright? Gait analysis done? Any need for insoles? Is the pain ‘moving’ around or is it always in one place? If the pain persists even after the rest periods I’d go and knock on a physio’s door. Remember, all is fixable if we focus on the problem. Once you are in the clear you will enjoy your running and progress further.

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Hi There,

I’ve never posted on here but I feel your pain! I have just done wk8run1 and although my knees are currently good, I’ve had such a hard time with one then the other throughout and had to go back from week 4 to week 1 and start all over when my knees had recovered slightly.

I had to have physio and it turned out it was my quad muscles were weak and tight as was my iliotibial band and the kneecaps were misaligned and do inflammation was being caused as they were tracking incorrectly . The lovely physio I saw was not someone who just gives you exercises but did some what I think is myofascial release and as long as I’ve listened to my knees and rested when they are bad, I seem to be managing ok.

Although I can’t endorse this for anyone else, I use a patella strap under each knee which touch wood seems to work for me.

I also bought some support trainers , brooks GTS adrenaline 19 and they are brilliant as when the problems started I’d been wearing my Skechers .

Good luck !


Thanks all. I think I'll get gait analysis done and consider new running shoes, shorten my stride, slow down and try to run lightly, and try to fit in some knee exercises (somehow! Fitting in the runs itself is hard enough! Probably while waiting for the kettle to boil and when brushing my teeth.) I really hope those things will sort it, it's so frustrating when the desire to do it is there.


Hi there,

A little update. I went for gait analysis at a running shop and my gait was neutral, they said the trainers I have are fine.

I read a thread on here about someone with foot pain and a YouTube video on slow jogging technique was recommended. I decided I'd take it easy and slowly (as also recommended above!) and try to land softly with this slow jogging technique. Run 1 of week 3 done today and knee seems much improved so I'm really pleased - and excited to be in week 3 now!

Frustrated at having to slow down so much as I'm almost certainly not faster than walking pace. I am telling myself I must play the long game. Speed can come later, much later. My aim for now is just to follow the programme until I can jog for thirty minutes.

Thanks all.


(For context, I was heel striking and slapping my feet down heavily with overly long strides before, I think. Now I'm landing with body over feet, trying to land softer and going slower).


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