Knee pain

Hi my name is Jo and I'm a 48 year old complete newbie to running. Completed 1st week with absolutely no problems. Did a charity walk up a steep hill at the weekend and on Monday my knee was hurting when I started the first run of the week. I persevered but have now not run for the rest of the week as the pain is too great. Been using an ice pack but wondering if anyone has had anything similar. My knee feels like a marshmallow and very weak.

Thanks for any advice.


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  • I haven't at all. But just wanted to say ouch, and hope you get better soon. If you're following the RICE method and that does not work, then a medical check sounds in order.

    Hopefully it's just a strain from a lot of exertion.

    Best of luck with your recovery

  • Thank you. Was hoping to avoid medical intervention but, as the week has gone on and it's not improving, think I might have to.

  • I had a similar thing, week 1 went fine for me but after the first week 2 run I could barely walk down stairs the next morning.

    I ended up seeing a physio through my health insurance, in my case it was essentially the case that I had very poor strength in the muscle groups in my leg combined with a slight misalignment of the lower leg putting the patella under a lot of strain. I had a few therapy sessions and also have a long list of strengthening exercises that I'm doing.

    I'd recommend seeing a physio if you can, even if due to cost reasons it's for an initial consultation and for them to recommend how to overcome the pain without having further therapy sessions.

  • How are you doing now with the exercises? Are you recovering well?

  • Yes recovering very well, get the occasional ache in the tendon but I wouldn't class it as "pain" and that situation is improving as well.

    Come to think of it I think you could get some physio treatment through the NHS as well (a colleague of mine went that route for an issue he had), but I don't know how long the wait would be before you get an appointment.

  • A very, very long time...husband and I paid for ours,money well spent :)

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend. I do have access to a limited amount of physio through a work scheme. Think I will try and get a referral as I do want to carry on with the running. πŸ–’

  • I had a similar problem-but with both knees -in week 2. I had to rest for 3 weeks because it was so painful, then started just by walking (as I had a walking holiday booked!), which helped as a sort of gentle physiotherapy. After that I restarted C25K -and have since graduated!! I would say that it is probably best to ask for medical advice if you are in pain - and maybe see lms77 's post too. Good luck!

  • Thank you - you've given me hope. I was so enjoying the exercise and coming to a grinding halt in pain has totally demoralised me. So glad you've recovered and it's encouraged me that this may not be the end for me.

  • So sorry to hear about your knee, Jo. What are you like with climbing stairs and getting up from a sitting position? If it feels like someone is shoving blades into your knee, it may be bursitis, especially if there is swelling too. Obviously I'm not a doctor, and if it's no better in a couple of days, do speak to one. I had bursitis in both knees at the end of week two. Rest, elevate, ice, ibuprofen, but don't apply heat. It is ever so frustrating but it will get better. It took me a few weeks to recover. I've done a whole load of knee-strengthening exercises and I restarted the plan a week ago.

  • My knee aches climbing stairs and I can stand up okay from sitting, seems to move between an ache and pain. No swelling though. Great news you're healing. It's encouraging to read it's possible to recover - was thinking I'd never get running again.

  • I'm glad you're not in a huge amount of pain. And yes, you'll get running again! (I was on crutches for two weeks and I'm back running again.) When the pain has gone, do some knee and leg strengthening exercises. I do these ones:

    Best of luck – wishing you a speedy recovery. πŸ˜€

  • No way the end - am still enjoying the running- but always remembering Oldfloss 's advice- "slow and steady"!! You can't go wrong if you follow that"!

  • The hill won't have helped... but you will be fine:)

    Some exercise.. may help;

    Then.. are your shoes okay..often issues are caused by the wrong shoes :) Also, warming up well. stretching after runs and trying to land lightly too!

    So much to think about... but at this stage we do expect aches and pains... but if it is real, unrelenting pain then get it checked out :)

  • There is a surprising amount of stuff to think about. Researched my running trainers so think they're ok. Thanks for the tip about stretching and for the assurance I'll be determined to get back out there at some point 😊

  • You will:)

    I know that after I tore my calf muscle, I was convinced it was all over running wise..but, as ever.. slow and steady, with a lot of help from my cute physio guy... here I still am :)

  • Ouch that sounds really painful - definitely think it will be slow and steady. Lol, love the sound of your cute physio guy πŸ˜„

  • It was... almost.... worth the pain of the deep sports massage... almost :)

  • Oh no that sounds bad. I'd say; if a weeks rest, anti-inflammatory and ice haven't seen an improvement you ought to go and get some advice from your GP or a physio. I've not had knee problems but have had back injuries. I know how frustrating it can be sitting on the IC but don't risk it till you are completely better. Hope that is soon, best wishes for a speedy recovery. x

  • Thank you....can't say there's been any improvement since Monday so after everyone's very helpful advice think I'll get myself off to the docs for a referral. Would rather start making a slow recovery under instruction than me keep thinking it'll get better on it's own and make it worse.

  • Hi Jo, I'm no help to you at all, just wanted to say that I hope you are running again soon, let us know how you are getting on. 😊

  • Thank you so much. Everyone has been really encouraging - it's made me determined to beat this and start again.

  • See, I told you it was a great forum and you'd get lots of advice. This time next year we'll be graduates and will be popping out for runs together all the time. xx

  • Yes we will 😊

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