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Knee pain

Started off well but after my 5th run (week 2) my knees were really hurting. I don't think I was pushing too hard and I left a day between each run. I haven't been stretching much - I don't know how to do it properly, but apparently it won't help a great deal with knee pain. I have some Nike Dart 10 trainers. I haven't run for 9 days now and the pain in one knee has gone and its probably 10-15% of what it was in the other knee.

I really want to keep going but I don't know what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it.

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Aha! Now then. There are certain things to do in your situation as I too had recent knee niggles.

1. Have you had your gait analysed at a proper running store? If not - GO! It's the most important thing a runner can do.

2. Are your shoes giving you the support in the right areas? If you don't know, go to the running store and a nice person will advise you once the results of your gait analysis is done.

You don't need to worry. All of us are built differently and require slightly different things. A gait analysis (in case you're not aware) is a short 1 to 2 minute run on a treadmill where they video your foot strike and from that, work out where you need support. A shoe will be recommended to you and you will notice a 100% difference next time you go out running should you purchase said shoes.

This will cost money, but for me, running is something I do three times per week, so the last thing I want is to damage my 51 year old hips and knees and end up with ghastly injuries, so it is a most worthwhile investment.

Hope this helps.

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I don't know if this will help but I can relate to the knee pain issue. I used to be quite fit but then frequently got sharp pains in my knees, as if I were being stabbed with small knives. My doctor referred me to a physio who told me that me knees weren't straight (the joint wasn't properly in the knee cap or something). I had to do stretches for 6 months to try to straighten it out. One (which looks really odd) involved laying on my back with my knees bent and an empty 2 litre bottle of pop between my knees. I would then have to slowly raise and lower my pelvis. There are others that your doctor or physio would be able to tell you (IF you have the same problem as me!)

Like danzargo when I decided to run again (after many many years of not running) I went to a running shop and got my gait tested. This way, as my muscles are strengthening they should strengthen straight and not exacerbate the original problem. The first few weeks with the trainers were agony as my calf muscles weren't use to being corrected but now I would never run without them and only very occasionally get an odd jab in my knee.


This happened to me too. What the others say is good advice, but also remember that your knees are new to this and are reeling from the shock (literally!). I was advised to run on grass to start with to reduce the impact, which helped (though it is harder work) and to get shoes with shock absorbing qualities. Your whole body needs to get stronger though, so google up some good leg/knee strengthening exercises and do them as well. If your muscles are weak, they don't support the bones and joints sufficiently and you will get pain and could injure yourself. Take it really slow and gently, and take extra rest days if necessary. You don't have to do this plan in 9 weeks - it's just a guide. I've been at it since the beginning of June and am just heading for the home straight ...


I started running at the beginning of the year and as soon as I hit the 2 mile mark my knee trouble started. After 5 months of barely being able to walk I was referred to a physio. By that point I was also having hip pain...not great for a 29 year old. I was advised that my glutes were not strong enough for running- amazing as I have been a keen cyclist for the past few years. Anyway, I was given some exerises and within a week the change was incredible. It's been 3 weeks since I've been 'discharged' from physio and can now run 2 miles comfortably without any discomfort. I honestly never thought these 'strengthening' exercises everyone talks about were worthwhile until I've seen the change in myself. Google some and do a couple of reps everyday. I'll never stop doing them now :)


Thanks everyone for the helpful information! I'll check out the exercises and also go to a nearby specialist shop. I think as I run I have a tendency to rotate my knee outwards but I guess they can confirm what's happening. Hopefully I can get back to the programme soon. I sort of miss it :)


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