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Week 4 Run 1 - Knee strength?


Phew that was a hot run but felt good, 16minutes of running! Considering at the end of wk1r1 my knee started hurting from a recurring problem I've had, and had to rest for 2 days.

Now my knees feel a bit weird and nigly during the walks but I'm always trying to be light on them during the runs. I probably should do the knee strengthening exercises during my rest days but they're soooo boring. I'm kinda hoping they'd get stronger passively from running slowly and lightly. Anyone else have this problem?

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Well done !

I used to occasionally get an aching knee on long walks , never really knew why .

It would come and go then not bother me for ages so was a bit wary when I started this but so far so good it hasn't bothered me

I'm around a stone and a half lighter now so I'm sure that helped in my case !

I hope to get some new running shoes tomorrow then start week 4 on Tuesday 😬

f1madmanGraduate in reply to Instructor57

That's pretty exciting to start the week with some new shoes, good luck!

Well done on completing W4 R1, either stretch and flex programme or two rest days between runs if it’s persistent I’ve seen other suggest. I’m not an expert I’ll be doing the same run tomorrow 👍🏻


If you already have knee issues then you would be wise to do strengthening exercises as it takes many months for the running alone to build supporting musculature.

Have you looked at the nhs exercises? Do you do the stretches after? They're definitely boring and they're also helpful....


Thanks yeah I enjoy doing stretches after a run.

I have been following the nhs knee exercises. Do you think I need to have rest days after the knee exercises too, or is it OK to alternate the days between runs and strengthening exercises?

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