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Wk2 Day3 outside - hard work ☹️

As the title says found it really hard work this evening.

Not sure if it's because it's evening and I have been lucky enough to have been going out in the mornings and was running along the coast last week.

But breathing didn't feel right and Pace didn't feel right; maybe I was going too fast.

Will definitely have to chalk this one down as a practice run.

Not sure if I should move on to week 3 on Thursday or repeat this one again 🤔

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Did you complete it (ie ran and walked when you were told to)? If so, I would move on. If not, then by all means have another go - slower!


Yes I completed but felt as though I wouldn't have been able to run for any longer on each running section


If you completed it, you can move on. But you don't have to. It was pretty common for me to struggle with a particular run, only to find the next one a little easier. You're doing just fine.


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