Hard work tonight

I was home early this afternoon, having taken DD1 to an appointment, so took the opportunity to go for a run before supper. Having done my triumphant 30 mins on Monday, I decided to go for Speed tonight - mainly because it's nice and short! ;) Oh my word, it was tough, though. The first five minutes was ok; the first quick interval was tough, and I walked half the first slow recovery jog. That pretty much set the tone - I mostly kept going, but had some walking after intervals four and five too. So to make up the time, I ran an extra minute in the cool-down time. I'd not judged my distance well, so ended up far enough from home that I still had another five minutes walk after that!

So not great, but between the very tired legs and the too-warm top which also didn't help, I hadn't really set myself up too well. Oh, and I was running in the fields again, for added difficulty marks! ;) Onward and (hopefully not too much) upward. Maybe I'll even manage to get a third run in this week...! :D


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15 Replies

  • I love that... difficulty marks ! I will use that if I may.. I call them bonus points... I say things like...the run included a steep hill, so, bonus points for me because I am 67! :)

    Sounds like a good run anyway... Speed is great isn't it ? So useful if time is short and we need a blast to shake things up. You were out there and you did it.. maybe not quite what you wanted but still pretty great with such a busy life :)

    Go you!

  • I figure if gymnasts get extra marks for adding more challenge in to their routines, so should runners! ;) Especially since we're usually our own harshest judges...! :)

  • I hope I'm still doing this when I'm your age 😍

  • You will be.

  • Awww. Thanks for the support. 😊

  • You will 🙂

  • Kudos for getting out there and doing it and not quitting. We all have a difficult run now and then is part and parcel of being a runner

  • Well done RC, but don't overdo it. Trust that DD1 continues to make progress.

  • Thanks MarkyD - first session with a new counsellor yesterday but it went well and feels like a good start. Hoping things will get moving now in terms of getting her the help she so desperately needs...

    The short run was definitely what I needed yesterday - enough to keep me on track, went well enough that I feel positive about it, but not too much or too overwhelming. :)

  • Nice one. Well done.

  • Well done! The dodgy weather is really not helping figure out clothing, is it?

  • It seemed really cold and blowy, so I thought a warm long-sleeved top would be right. Hah. Melting, I was! Next time I'll just have to brave up to the risk of cold, and go lighter...

  • I opted for short sleeve tee with a light rainproof running jacket over the top. I was a bit warm, but my phone was in the pocket so I opted to keep it on and just unzipped it a bit.

  • My money's on a third run this week - You can, and I bet you will!! Well done on the pushing yourself!

  • Yes, definitely extra points for running in the fields! Well done, especially since you felt things were not set up right. It is amazing how preparation helps with a run, I have noticed I need to plan in my head time of day, meals, gear depending on weather etc to get the best runs, but then sometimes a spontaneous run is good too! All the best with your next run :)

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