W7R2 - Hard work

I didn't sleep well last night, mostly worrying about last minute arrangements for the trip next week and hence I didn't get up and go out as I'd planned. I hate running at lunchtime, I just find it harder and having to play frogger around the puddles didn't help.

Still, despite not needing to be woken up by Led Zep they attacked my eardrums with a "Black Dog" and then to start the run Lynyrd Skynyrd tried to convince me I was a "Free Bird". Several puddles later and by the time the boys had played their fingers to the knuckles I was almost half way and feeling the pain big time.

Smash Mouth came to my rescue with their version of the Monkees "I'm a believer" which was just the inspiration I needed. Since I was still in the countryside I started to sing very loudly until I realised that I was liable to die from a lack of oxygen if I continued to do that.

Michelle Shocked reminded me that "I've come a long way (Repo Man song)" and once again I was cheered up because it felt like I have come a long way both today and in terms of my running. Next up was Shania Twain reminding me that "I feel like a women" and I still have no idea why I included that song other than I like it.

Almost finished and plodding along like an elephant trying to run through treacle Los Lobos finished me off with "La Bamba" and I was so elated that this song is only 2 minutes long that I started singing along with the Spanish bits until I remembered what happened when I did and so I stopped.

I can rest on a long flight tomorrow and then my plan is to do my W7R3 on Sunday in Texas, W8R1 on Tuesday in Texas and W8R2 in California on Thursday before coming home on Friday. That's the plan but of course the jet lag or running around after customers might kill me in the meantime. Time permitting I'll try and blog my runs. Have a great weekend everyone.


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17 Replies

  • Well doen Chewy! What a fantastic running play list! See you when you get back!

  • Thanks Pelephant. Someone asked the other at what age we started and there were a lot of people around my age so I'm guessing the music will be very familiar to a lot of us.

  • Great stuff Chewy and good luck with your runs stateside!

  • Thanks Fraz, really hope your ankle is feeling better soon.

  • Great blog and love the playlists! They really make your blogs come alive. Good luck running on the work trip, I am on one the week after next and just know I won't get the opportunity to run :(

  • Thanks Roller. I'm planning to get my runs in but what I didn't mention is that I'm only 50/50 that I will be able to.

  • So you felt like a woman, huh Chewy?? ;-) Great run and wishing you the very best with your Stateside runs. Question: Texas? Can you run in cowboy boots? ;-) Safe travels!

  • Yes, mmmm, I'm not sure what that one says about me and please, no suggestions ;-)

    You guys are as bad at stereo typing your fellow countrymen as we are. Not everyone in Texas wears cowboy boo... Mmm, yeh, perhaps they do (I don't think I could run in a stetson either).

  • Hooray Chewy and goodluck with your across the pond runs ;-)

  • Thanks Delia. I'm delighted to see you're getting better, your presence on the forum has been missed.

  • Just think of all the yummy US pancakes and waffles and muffins and bagels with cream cheese that you can eat without feeling guilty as you will run the calories off. Have fun Chewy!

  • American breakfast pancakes could be proof that there is a universal designer on the basis that nothing that delicious could have happened by chance ;-)

    I do love them.

  • That sounds brilliant, running American-style! Good luck and enjoy the different scenery!

  • Thanks Mitts. Using some of Google's great technology I've already had a look at a potential route around one of the hotels, I just hope I can get to run.

  • Hi Chewy. That sounds like a great playlist to keep you going (I love the image of you singing along at the top of your voice then running out of O2!!!) Have a good trip to the States, keep in touch.

  • Hey Sooz, It's that particular track, "I'm a believer". I remember it from when I was a kid and watched the Monkees on TV. What I find particularly remarkable is that the Smashmouth version my youngest daughter (14) loves from having watched Shrek when she was little. It's a tribute to a song that it is just as popular today as it was 40 years ago.

  • The excitement of international running! Hope you get the chance to do it all and that the jetlag doesn't slow your progress too much. Interesting playlist you've got there. Let you know when I've started putting together my own. Might be that I go back to my 50th birthday compilations to see what it's like running to some of my favourite tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Good luck and try to keep running.

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