W7 R2 - hard work

So odd - I found 6/3 a breeze, but the two 25 minuters since have been properly tough going. If I hadn't known I could do it, I might have been tempted to give up today. I guess the cold weather doesn't help - even though I've started doing decent dynamic warmups at home first. Also, I can't seem to get the clothing right, layers, pockets, sleeve lengths etc, not to mention headphone tangles en route as I peel off, put back on etc. Gaaah! Got in such a muddle today. And the legs! They didn't seem to realise I'd brought them with me till well gone halfway through. BUT - for all that, when Mr S said I could go for it in the last minute if I wanted, instead of giving him my usual reply (not printable here), I thought, 'Why not?' The run couldn't get any worse, and if it all went horribly wrong, I could always crawl home. And do you know what? I ended up smashing those last 60 secs - and it felt *brilliant*. He's right of course, that Mr S. It was worth all the pain, just to end on that high :-)


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  • I really found in week seven I needed two full days recovery. And more motivation -- I switched from the podcasts to my zombie app. and got a news playlist.

  • Completely agree re the recovery time. Have to do a different route each time as well. Happily I have a mahoosive playlist, which I love!

  • You are pretty amazing if you had something left in your tank to blast the final 60 seconds!

    I too found it hard and through advice from this forum just slowed it right down and it worked. I think at this stage, it’s about stamina vs distance.

    Re. Layering, I hear you! Ive found that if I pull on a top and a fleece that works and a pair of thin light gloves (Decathlon) I still use a little bum bag to put gloves in and my phone so i can move my arms when running so don’t have the tangling. I did fall foul with a light showerproof jacket last week and perspired my way around so have decided to ditch that for now. I also leave the water bottle at home now which also helps.

    Good luck you are 79% of the way towards achieving your goal!! Woohooo

  • Yep - might have to go for the fleece option. None of mine are suitable (eg no pockets or too thick). Will start researching. Thanks!

  • I totally get where you’re coming from... I seem to have totally lost my mojo this week. I’m finding it so hard to get out there and keep putting it off!!

  • Maybe my mojo's gone awol with yours. Am currently working thro Book of Excuses: Vol 6!

  • Cant speak for the runs as Im only about to start week 5. However, clothes: when I ran yesterday evening it was heading towards a frost. I had my new running leggings, thin running socks, thermal top with a gym hoodie and a thin, windproof but breathable running jacket, thin running gloves and a beanie. I was never too cold or too hot at any time during the run, though I did partially unzip the jacket towards the end. Earphone wires are a pain. I have bluetooth buds, but for some reason they disable the ringer on my phone, so Im stuck with wires. I will be glad to ditch them when I dont need sexy Michael Johnson anymore. Phone is in an arm holder, key is in the zip pocket in the jacket. The running pants have a zip pocket along the back of the waistband, so i will slip credit card and bus pass in there once I go further afield.

  • Gosh, you're v organised! Think that's half my problem - need to invest in proper kit. Aside from running shoes, have so far made do with the odd bit I've picked up from TK Maxx, or what I've already got. Think deep down I wasn't convinced I'd stick with it. But with a long winter ahead, perhaps it's time I got serious & got myself some decent clothing. Good luck with week 5. Run 3 is brilliant (once it's completed at least!)

  • Lol, you wouldnt say that if you were a fly on the wall. I manage to forget something almost every run. One day I forgot to change my Garmin from swim to run, another time I forgot to strap my bad knee, another time i didnt wait for the watch to lock onto a satellite before pressing go. With the clothes, the top came from Primark, for working out but its cheap and warm. The gloves are karrimor running gloves and were £6 from ebay with free postage, and I already had the beanie. The running jacket was second hand from ebay. Only my shoes are expensive, properly gait tested and fitted ones from a running shop.

  • Thanks for encouragement re week 5 btw. I think everyone seems to balk at the 20 min run

  • My wife was going to get the headband with the earphones built in as she doesn’t like the wires.

  • Well done lass and sorry to say I did have a little giggle, layers on and off, headphones doing there own thing and your legs suddenly realised what you were doing and chasing you down the road to catch you up

  • Got to laugh, else it all falls apart, haha!

  • Well done fellow smoothie. The layers problem I feel your pain. I can't get it right either - I've decided I need a running top with rough velcro so that as I remove layers I can attach them to my top and look like some Grayson Perry artwork, with bits flapping as I run!

    Well done for getting that sprint done - I only ever swore at Mr Smooth, I never took his suggestions on speeding up....

  • Call me ancient, but Buck's Fizz springs to mind! (ps - as limbs start to ache, am swearing at Mr S right now ...)

  • Aha yes the famous skirts....

  • I love that you call him Mr Smooth, Jancanrun. He so is! Voice like molasses.

  • Well done, angemum! Sounds like you’re really motoring now. I had planned to do my w7r3 this morning, but when I took the dog for her walk it was really treacherous underfoot with black ice and had to turn back before I went a** over tip!! Will get out later when hopefully the pavements will be clear. Some good tips for what to wear on this thread, but I’m with you @angemum, haven’t quite got everything balanced just yet clothes and wires-wise! ...and well done on the sprint at the end - you’ve proved you’ve got it in you!

  • Ah, thanks! Even tho motoring is the *very* last thing it feels like :-/ Not entirely sure where the sprint came from. Jury's out as to whether it'll happen again! Great good luck for today's run. Am sure you'll smash it!

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