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Week 6 completed 😁

25 minutes run! Would never have believed it just a few weeks ago. Changed tactics today and left Laura at home. Used my own music and the runkeeper app and ran a new route to distract me (partly trying to avoid getting lost!) Lovely run across fields, through woods and around a castle. I haven't quite got the technique of running over stiles, but decided not to count the brief pauses as a walk 😁

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Good job :) I left Laura at home and had my music on. I need to find new route cause my old one is getting too short. I would never imagine that :) I told you we can go it :) what app you using?


I'm using Runkeeper. It maps my route, gives me statistics and lets me play my music while giving me regular time checks. I'm using 5 minute checks at the moment - but not quite sure how I'm going to do week 8 when the runs are 28 minutes. The route I did today was a little short - I ended up walking round the church yard a couple of times for the cool down, so I shall look for something a little longer next week. I'm currently managing about 3.5km.


It's the same like me :) not long to go to 5 km :) we will manage :)


nice work! its crazy how you are at week one and the difference in a matter of weeks :)


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