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Week 3 "day" 4

I prefer to call it run 2 rather than day but hey ho. Anyway these runs now feel so much quicker? Maybe because of the longer running spells I dont know but I tend to feel less worn out this week than week 2 with its start stop start stop. My right foot is starting to hurt this time however. Questioning my new adidas running shoes. Looking at some better cushioned insoles. Any recommendations?

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Are your laces tied too tightly? Where does it hurt?


well this is the same as i had previously on my left foot . It runs down the outer side of my foot and slightly into the arch. Like an ache but can become a sharp pain. I have been stretching my feet prior to any activity. I had felt a tendon ping on the top of my foot earlier in the day so started using some compression socks which can help . But still I couldnt of gone much longer than the plan without being in agony. :(


Try rolling a bottle of iced water under it and stretch the foot with your hands of roll a golf ball under it.

If you're in that much pain then maybe you need to see a sports physio or your doctor.

If you think it might your new shoes could you take them back again?

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well one way to find out is to try my older pair again and see . Booking to see a Doc here is nightmare these days :( do think some nice air cushioned insoles would help so gonna buy a pair now and try em.


Good idea. Rest a few days and then try them.


week 3 run 3 tomorrow morning then a couple days out for sure. Lets wrap this week up first :)


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