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Week 4 day 1 looming!


So, in 2 days I start week 4!! I have never run this much in my life and I am still loving every minute! I have a cough/cold and I have asthma anyway so it has been tough the last couple of runs, I am determined to keep going though. Does anyone find the first 5-10 minutes hard before it gets better? By the time I get to the last running segment, I want to keep running afte she tells me to stop!

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Yes, the first 5 minutes or so are where I'm sorting out my breathing, getting a rhythm, reminding myself that I can do this... Well done for keeping going but remember that if your cough is really troublesome you'll pick up quicker by allowing yourself an extra rest day or two.

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Thank you for your reply. If it persists, then maybe I will stay in week 4 until I am more comfortable. The running times increase quickly over the next couple of weeks and I don't want to push it if my lungs can't do it. Did you have a period of the app that you found the hardest?


I am the same, not sure if it's physical or in my head. x

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I thought that too! Moving into longer running times is way past my comfort zone, I wonder if I am holding back? X


So glad you're loving it! Running with a cold can make the breathing harder for sure and it must be an added difficulty with asthma too. You sound like you're doing really well though and getting to know your running self. Enjoy week 4!

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Thank you for your reply. Having a cold sucks, but I guess it what I get for trying to run in the winter lol!


Well done - it gives you an amazing feeling when you run doesn't it! I think I'm hooked! Although I'm currently on an extended rest day (nearly a week since I started week 6) as I have a horrible cough/cold and am also asthmatic. From what I have read on here, anything affecting lungs/breathing suggests that you should wait until you are better before running again.

I also find the first few minutes hard, but I have found that once I got to week 5/6 that has started to get easier too. I think it is our bodies getting used to doing something they haven't done before!!!!! :)

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Thank you for replying. I am not alone with the tough first few minutes then!

Just wondering, did you tell your dr and have to change inhalers because you were doing more physical activities?

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No I haven't spoken to my doctor at all. I have always taken ventolin before any physical activity (such as cycling or previously at gym workouts) and I am already on Symbicort and Montelukast daily. The ventolin works for me - 2 puffs when I am getting ready to go out and another just before I go out the door!

C25K was suggested to me by a physio who I was seeing for a trapped nerve in my neck last year - she thought it would be a suitable exercise for me.


Well done on completing the first 3 weeks beckied :)

Yes, I think most of us on the forum find the first 5 minutes or so the hardest part of a run, but once you get into a nice steady rhythm it's not so bad.

There is a temptation to go on more than Laura tells you to, especially if you feel ok, but you need to fight that feeling and stop yourself from doing this. The plan has been designed so you build up your fitness and stamina slowly and if you start going off doing more than is required, you risk injury and demotivating yourself. So stick with the plan (and Laura) and you will get there injury free! Look out for week 6 btw...after completing the first big 20 minutes non-stop on week 5 run 3, I went into week 6 with my confidence naturally sky high and in doing so I think I must have started off too quick, because I struggled like you wouldn't believe on smaller runs than I had managed on week 5! So, beware. ;)

Anyway, good luck with week 4 and stick to the plan! :)

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It is so tempting to push yourself, I have to keep asking myself if I could speak to someone while I am running. If it's a no, then I am running too fast ☺️. Thank you for the tip, I will keep my eye out for week 6 🏃🏼‍♀️

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