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Week 4 Run 3 (yesterday)


First time running in the wet, went along a main road which was very unpleasant with the noise and fumes! Completed the run although found the last 5 minutes hard as it was all up a gentle incline, really wanted to stop but just kept telling myself to keep going and I did, so pleased. Can't wait until the end of next week as I feel if I can do it and run for 20 minutes non stop I will actually feel like a Runner!

I invested in some proper running bottoms which said they would keep me warmer, and they did I am so pleased with them, my legs never felt cold once not even at the beginning, so much better than normal tracky/jogging bottoms.

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Well done and in the rain I have just finished week 5 run1 but on the treadmill outside scares me lol I admire your determination especially when it's cold and horrible outside. I understand the 20 minute goal and how then you will feel like a real runner although we are already runners keep up the good work


Well done Julie. :-) That 20 minute run scared the crap out of me. LOL But you are working towards it building each week. :-)

I need to invest in a pair of proper running "tights, skins, legging, bottoms" whatever they are called, as I am using thermal tights at the moment, which actually keep me quite warm. I've been looking but some of them are so expensive.

Good luck with your next run. :-)


well done! I finished week 4 run three on Saturday in the snow, and it was tough going. I find making sure that i dont get cold helps me to focus on running, rather then grumbling about the cold and looking for reasons to give up. :)


Well done Julie. Sounds like things are progressing well for you. Did you get your running bottoms on line? If so, any chance you could post a link? Cheers :)

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This might work never done this before. Good luck


I have also switched to running tights, got a couple of Karrimor pairs from Sports Direct, very cheap. Feels so much easier to run in them than loose bottoms. I feel more professional too!

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