Couch to 5K

Week 4

Well I did week 1 last week on Thursday but due to life couldnt get run week 2 until last night.

OMG running for five minutes, this had me more scared than most things at work. It was tough and I really wanted to stop. I took lauras advice and slowed down a bit on the second set and got through it.

I felt great after that, completing it seemed to get rid of the aches and pains I had while running. :)

Week 2 last night was still quite tough but felt a bit better. I started out a bit slower but kept the same pace (as much as possible) through it all.

Just cannot believe I am actually running/jogging/lumbering for 16 minutes.

Oh and a weight loss update, as of Friday, I am at 21 stone, 2 stone down from my starting weight in April.

I feel so much better I can walk around without getting out of breath, actually go up stairs. I have a pretty good walking pace now too :)

Thanks for the support here, it really helps. Nice to have someone to share all this with.

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It's amazing isn't it? It feels really good to be able to walk around and up stairs with a quick recovery. Well done ;)


Fantastic! You must be very proud. It doesn't matter how you cover the distance, mine is more of a shuffle! Good luck! :)


Well done you thats brilliant.


Well done, thats excellent.


Well done, keep going, slow is the answer as the time increases


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