Week 3 to week 4

Hi all, 

I have just finished week 3 which I found quite hard. I found it hard running 3 mins non-stop as I used to smoke so my lungs are buggered. The third time of doing it was easier than the first time though! I don't know whether to do week 3 again til it gets easier or move on to week 4? Week 4 looks quite hard with 5 mins of running non-stop. There is also 16 mins of running in total versus 9 mins in week 3, so it is quite a step up. 

Thanks x 


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12 Replies

  • If you completed week 3, even if it was a bit of a struggle, I'd say attempt week 4 and see how you go. Take it nice and slow and you may surprise yourself, good luck :)

  • I graduated last year, but have started from scratch again following some ill health, but I clearly remember W3 to W4 step up last time around.  I also had those nagging doubts about whether to repeat until it felt more comfortable or to push on through.  A combination of support on this forum and advice from experienced runner- friends all convinced me to keep moving through the programme, and I'm glad I did.  I got through the plan without having to repeat any runs or weeks, and it felt absolutely brilliant. 

    A big part of this programme is to train your brain - the physical changes happen almost without you noticing, but after years of not running, it's quite a step change to think that we can do it.  But we can. 

    I would say just try W4. If you genuinely can't manage it, then fine, repeat W3, but approach it with the attitude of "I am a runner", and I think you may surprise yourself. 

    Happy running 🏃😊

  • I started week 4 yesterday and was  quite worried as I'd not been well this week,and as you say it's a huge step up with 16 mins running. I decided as I had got through week three I would go for it and I managed it - but very very slowly. Five minutes is a long time but I do feel I was ready for it and look forward to trying day 2 tomorrow. Id say go for it and if it's too much try again in a few days - you will get there. 

  • Thanks for the replies guys! I will give week 4 a go :)

  • Absolutely do week 4. I gave up the cigs in December so I know exactly how you feel.  I finished week 6 today. One thing that really helped my breathing was a puff on my husbands ventolin. I'm going to make a doctor's appointment to get this checked as I always assumed my wheezing was fag related.

  • Move on and run week 4. 

    If you can't manage a run then repeat one but you've done week 3 so no repeat necessary :)

    Good luck :)

  • Yay! I have just completed week 4. I went really slowly and the first run was tough but the 3rd run went well :) I felt I could have carried on for a few more minutes. 

  • Hi  Just though I would ask how you are getting on with it now?  As an ex-smoker just starting on out, wondered if it gets any easier?

  • I got to week 6 run 2 but have had to have a break as I have been ill :( But yes it was getting easier, I can't believe I managed to run for 20 mins non-stop!!

  • Sorry to hear that you've been ill but well done for getting that far, you've done amazing.  20 minutes running, wow.  I will keep going, hopefully my lungs and calves will hold out!  ;)  Thank you for the update and I hope you are back out soon.  

  • How is it going for you? I am feeling better now and back on week 6. I never thought I could run 20 mins non-stop but the plan has worked really well for me, hopefully it will work for you too! My breathing is what keeps me slow though. 

  • Glad to hear you are feeling better.  I too run slow,  very slow in fact.  But I'm giving it my best shot.  I completed week 4 day 2 this morning.  5 minutes is a bit of a slog on my calves and lungs but I plod on.  Used my inhaler before I set off this mornin,it might have helped a bit.   20 minutes non stop is a fantastic achievement, you must be so pleased with yourself.  Keep up the good work and let me know how you're doing. 

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