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Couch to 5K
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week 4 run 1

hi guys

well with much trepidation decided to stay with every other day and did w4r1 last night

like with the first of every week so far was a bit unsure and thinking well if i donnt do it at least ill have an idea what to expect

But the running gods smiled on me yet again and i did it so i have no real worries about 2/3

I know week 5 is 3 5 min runs but week 4 was actually more running time and i did my usual 2 x 1.5 min runs in the cool down as i have longer than that to walk home

thanks for all the support

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Well done! Just keep working slowly through the sessions, taking your rest days, and you will be fine. Going steadily saves puff, so you have the energy to complete the job

It's fun! Enjoy it 🙂


I usually treat each new week as a trial, and so far I'm managed to make it. So impressed with the program and how it works if you follow it. Glad you have opted for every other day, you don't need to risk injury at this stage.


Slow and steady...and enjoy the journey :) x


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