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Anyone done or doing the London Gung Ho?

I am due to run the London Gung Ho on Saturday, this is due to be my first formal 5k run, although it not really a run, more a 5k obstacle course, and not really an obstacle course, more bouncy castles dropped on a 5k circuit - but regardless whatever it is, my wife and I are running it.


I have been struck with some cold / bug thing at the moment, so am dosing myself up on Vitamin C, in the hope it shifts before Saturday - this is a bit of a paid, as I was hoping to run all this week in preparation for it, but feeling like this, I just want to run to my bed and sleep!

Just wondered if anyone else had done one, its a bit of fun, but all for charity, and when normally can a grown adult have fun on bouncy castles without getting told off!!

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corrected website address..


I've not done this one (although it's now on my 'future runs' list!) - but have done the Colour Obstacle Rush which is very similar with the addition of colour stations every so often too! Great fun - you'll have a blast! :)


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