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does anyone else feel the same?


The next day after a run, I really feel enthusiastic and want to go out again, but I know I am not allowed to. By the next day, I feel a bit "can't be bothered" , and maybe the next day even more so. It's a real struggle to get out again, then the same cycle starts again - want to go, but not supposed to, then don't really want to. I think it's really difficult to fit this in with a very full time job (at age 58) - so tired after work, but I am determined to finish it (on week 8) . I did a 28 min run on Saturday morning, but there was no way I could have done that before a work day and done a 10 hour day at work. I will finish (and hopefully carry on) . I think I am just struggling a bit at the moment, but will get there, just need to be a bit kinder to myself and accept that it will take a bit longer. Nearly there!!

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sorry , that seemed like a bit of a moan. Not really . really pleased with what the plan has helped me achieve so far. Just tired I guess.


Running on consecutive days is definitely not a good idea so I am glad you are not even going down that route. If it's motivation that's the problem what's worked for me is to make the commitment to myself that I will go out 3 times a week, decide in advance which days to go, then just put on the shoes and go. I am about the same age as you (56) and find I have not got enough energy left to go for a run after a long day (and I know I would put it off) so I get up early and go before I start work. This suits me much better, there is no time for procrastination and I feel smug all day. However, if you are really physically tired and feeling the effects of running then there is absolutely no harm in taking 2 or even 3 rest days. You have done really really well getting this far and you are so close to finishing the programme so keep going and you will get there. Good luck :)

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Thanks. I will try to do a morning run on a non working day (sometimes only Sunday, and hubby wants to go to car boot sale) That just leaves 2 days for after work runs. And. as you say, if it takes me so much longer that 9 weeks, so be it - I'll be so much fitter than 3 months ago - competitive though!!!!! planning park run once i've graduated. Anyone done the Arrow Valley Lake park run in Redditch?


What you are feeling is perfectly normal, loads of us hate / love running in equal amounts and loads will tell you its the after feeling they love, not the actual running, so the 1st thing is not to feel to disheartened. the next is to get thru and graduate, after that comes the best bit, you can run or not run , you wont feel governed by Laura, no pressure, I try and run 3 times a week, 2 are meant to be just gentle runs no pressure and 1 trying to push myself a bit, unfortunately I always end up pushing myself ! On the days you feel you cant be bothered Id suggest you go out and run for 10 minutes, chances are that 10 will stretch in to 20 then 30, good luck, hope this helps


Good idea!! I do that with dog walking. Feel that I can't be bothered - will just go out for 20 minutes, and end up walking for an hour. Thanks GJ - good psychology. Just wish work wasn't so knackering!!!


When you read Jeff Galloways books, mostly in regard to training to run long distance races, he really only has you running one day per week - that is a "long run" on a Sunday . The other two runs during the week are only short 30 minutes ones which he describes as "maintenance" runs. He does this as he understands that people have busy work lives.


I hope I will soon see 30 min runs as short "maintenance runs" . I'll try to believe that will happen !!! I'm sure it will , based on the fact that I couldn't run 60 seconds three months ago. Thanks all for the encouraging to continue . Still seem a lot to fit in with a long working week, but we shall see .


I used to do 20 minute runs from my front door. Ten out and ten minutes to get back. Warm up and cool down indoors. You could do that sort of thing if you were pushed for time

You could also try telling yourself you can just walk, if you want. Take Laura with you, start app for the warm up walk, but tell yourself you might just walk the whole thing. Dont decide until Laura mentions starting the first run.


Thanks for the suggestions. It's just getting myself out of the door that's the problem if I've left it a couple of days. Once I'm put I'll complete the run - but very tired after , which is ok, but don't think I could do it in the morning then go to work straight after . Planning to do w8r3 this evening , then hopefully complete the course next week !!!!


Don't know if this helps, but I'm the same age as you and also have a full-on, full-time job. I started running two years ago after I suffered two TIAs (mini-strokes). My only risk factor (I'm not overweight, don't smoke, eat healthily etc etc), was that I didn't exercise. So, for me, if I ever wonder why I'm doing this or can't be bothered to get out of bed I tell myself that it's not an option but a way to make sure that (hopefully) I have a long and full life.

Even without my experience, we all know that exercise really isn't optional so, if you accept that it is a necessity, what other exercise do you know that will give you such a good cardio workout and burn so many calories in less than an hour start to finish (including some stretches and your shower afterwards)?! It really is the most time efficient way I know. Thankfully, on a more positive note, it does have this addictive quality so the more you do the more you want to do it and you will find that after a couple of days rest you will be itching to get out the door.

On the subject of morning runs - have you tried it? I find after work runs very difficult but if I run in the morning before work I actually find I have more energy during the day and again, time-efficient because all you have to do is roll out of bed and into your running gear and go - shower, hair, make-up etc - all of which you'd have to do anyway, when you get back.

You've done so well to come this far. Do try and find the time to continue beyond graduation - because you're worth it!


If it's finding motivation to leave the house and start the run that's the problem, how about a simple mantra to help you.

Mine is, 'I'm only one run away from a good mood'

I have another one for if I feel like stopping mid way round, 'I'll be so cross with myself when I get home'

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