Has anyone done a Rough Runner?

Hello! I'm thinking of doing Rough Runner 5K roughrunner.com/obstacles in April. Muddy obstacle course type race!

It looks fun but I'm thinking maybe I'm a bit stupid to think I'll be able to do it. Tough Mudder seems waaaayyy too hardcore for me and I thought this was something a bit easier that looked fun but I'm starting to have doubts.

* Only just got back to running after a 4 month absence (and wasn't running very often before then either for a few months) so rather unfit. I also have no strength in my arms.

* Don't have any experience running cross-country, really. Getting really wet/muddy might be really uncomfortable/painful as I suffer from blisters a lot. The 10K cross country race I did last July is what put me off running for a bit... (even though I know it was just about stamina etc) The description of the course mentions "steep, steep hills".

* The participant agreement includes mention of serious, catastrophic injury and/or death. I know they probably have to say that in the terms but it's still a bit scary!

* I'm starting a new job that week so I don't want to totally knacker myself out.

Honest opinions? I know this forum and running is all about doing what you think you can't... but I'm also trying to be sensible, and I don't really want to injure myself! Opinions? Has anyone else done one of these, how hardcore is it?!

Thanks. parkrunning again tomorrow :) Which is more like my kind of thing ;)

Sarah x

EDIT: Well, it seems their website is down... Maybe I'll bump this thread again tomorrow!!

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6 Replies

  • So you have at least a month and have done a 10k before. It will be great and so will you! Feel the fear! Will also make you feel great about starting your new job with those endo's flying around.

  • I would give it a miss for the time being.

    Obstacle courses are genuinely exhausting and given your recent history, it is probably advisable to aim to get yourself in tip-top shape before going for that sort of exertion.

  • Thank you for the response! I think I have decided against the race, it would be too much too soon!

  • There you go, one yes, one no! You should be able to tell from reading those answers how you really feel about doing this race. me? I think you'd be nuts! Perhaps you are? LOL

  • I think I've decided against... I don't want to risk injuring myself. Maybe a Pretty Muddy first in a few months, they seem a bit tamer! Hehe.

  • These kind of races seem appealing to me too, but I think you need to be relatively fearless and enough body strength to cope with the obstacles and I know i'm not up to it as I always feel too much fear! Judging by your post you have too many concerns at the moment to go ahead. Maybe its something to aim for, build up some strength etc and then rethink later.

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