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Considering a park run for my graduation run, but a little unure of what to expect

I was thinking since I've already achieved a 5 k run, what could I do to make my graduation run on Saturday a little bit more special. I've heard a few people on here mention park runs, so I looked to see where my closest would be and its Edinburgh, and it happens to be on Saturday but looking at the times that people get its made me a little apprehensive, the average run time is 26 minutes. And the fastest runner last week was 15 minutes, yikes !

So now I am scared. lol.

It says its friendly and just for fun but 15 minutes to run 5k doesn't seem like people just out to have fun. I don't think I could handle being last. I know someone has to but, I think the knock in confidence might put me off running for good if I was last, ;_D

Also all the talk on here recently seems to be about how unfriendly other runners seem to be when you meet them, I guess I am just looking for a bit of reassurance.

Has anyone been to one of these ? what are they like ? would you recommend them ? Or is it better being out on your own ?

I'm still undecided. :-)

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Three words for you........go for it!

I did my first Parkrun this Saturday just gone and it was brilliant. Such a friendly atmosphere. And yeah, there were plenty of people running 16 minutes-20 minutes, way faster than me! But also plenty of people just out for the fun of it. Ladies with pushchairs, lots of kids too which was good to see, elderly runners. A right old mixture.

I finished 222nd out of 366 but never felt like I was lagging behind.

Really, go for it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


thanks I was hoping to hear that :-) just a little nervous I might make a fool of myself or look like I shouldn't belong there with real runners lol


Nothing could be further from the truth, I'm sure of that and I bet many others on here will agree. The one I did on Saturday was friendly, supportive of first timers with plenty of encouragement along the way.

It was the first time I'd run with anyone else and I ran my fastest 5km time so far. It just seems to help.

I'd love to know how it went if (when?) you decide to go for it :-)


hi, I did the Edinburgh park run 2 Saturday's ago, great bunch of people and it's a big wide path, don't fret give it a go :-)


Right, I've been brave and just registered.

Oh im nervous already lol

Thanks for that little bit encouragement just what I needed a wee nudge in the right direction :-)


Fantastic! Well done.

Let us know how it goes! :-)


Have not done one myself, but have heard that they are good - and apparently they dont believe in winners (and therefore loosers) just finishers so you have the first finisher and the last finisher with everyone else finishing in between.

I was thinking of doing a fun fun for my graduate run, but have decided against it on the grounds that it's likely to be emotional hitting such a significant goal - plus I have promised Laura that I'm sticking with her until the very end.

Good luck - enjoy your last week & see you at the graduation party this weekend!!

Happy Running


Ooh, I hadn't thought of doing anything special for my graduate run. Problem is i run first thing in the morning as it's the only time I have in house childcare (my husband!) but maybe I should do a Saturday run. Right, am off to look at park run in Auckland now! :)


Very friendly supportive they encourge you great people.go for it i did it is a great feeling when you finish. GOOD LUCK ENJOY


I came last :) Teamed up with another slow runner and let her finish ahead of me so she wasn't last for the first time ;) Came in about 45 minutes whcih seems to be the time a lot of people do to start with. Start near the back so you don't get mown down, no one minds, I got lots of "well dones" and "keep going" as I trudged round and the sense of achievement at the end was great.


I must admit that I fully expect to come last a few times if/when I start doing parkruns. I did 5k on Monday but couldn't manage it today so I'm not ready for it yet.....but I will be, one day soon.

Maybe it's an age thing? I'm in my 40s and you do develop a sense of "so what" at the thought of making an idiot of myself. Makes life a lot more enjoyable!


I came last in my first parkrun (I was expecting to, so it was ok). 203rd! But it was a really good experience, unlike all my previous experiences of races (at primary school). Friendly and supportive, just like here.

Hope you have a great time, irrespective of where you end up. :)


Thanks for your comments folks. It all helps the nerves of trying something new :-)


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