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Week 1 completed!


Hello! I'm 37, and as I have been gently expanding for the last couple of years I felt now was time to do something about it. I've always been put off running by treadmills in the gym and the fact it triggers my asthma in a way a cross-trainer or cycling doesn't. But with the podcast and the lovely little park at the end of my road, I've managed to complete week one. It's been a revelation exercising outdoors, and I've enjoyed seeing the range in ages and fitness of the other people running around the park. Plus listening to the birds chirping as I cool-down. Now for some new trainers and week 2!

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You have made a great decision and are now on your way to becoming a runner!

Follow the programme, take your rest days and enjoy.

Keep posting here, you will get lots of help and support on your journey.

Enjoy 😀


Well done, you've started an incredible journey and you sound so positive - great stuff.

Keep us posted :-)

Welcome and well done! It was such a beautiful spring morning today - I was glad to be out and running. Take it easy (no need to push the speed) and enjoy the programme! I'm in week 7 and going strong.

well done, im at roughly the same stage .ive just finished week 2 run 1 . wow, it looks so easy on paper doesnt it! Keep up the good work , im doing it on my treadmill and admire those getting out to do it, maybe i will when i feel more confident :)


Well done!


nice work! starting week 3 tomorrow. cant wait :D

Well done - I finished the same yesterday! :)

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