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Week 1 Completed

Well i did it :D I completed week 1 yesterday evening (according to my week) according to Laura's weeks I completed it on Monday evening. I felt really good after yesterdays run because I felt I'd paced my jogs better either that or I've slowed them right down. I varied my run around the park and I found that help with my self conscious and there was other runners joggers and walkers all there.

While my legs felt a little like jelly afterwards has made me wonder if I'm ready to move onto week 2 already. The first run for eek 2 is due to happen tomorrow evening but my boyfriend and I are due to travel to his parents for the weekend and its made me question if I should start the week 2 tomorrow. I want to but am nervous as I don't know what to expect and i feel if I do more week 1 sessions that i'll get board and give up. :(

Oh well I'll have to wait and see what time we're travelling at as my boyfriend has said I should do my run and then we can travel and that way I won't be doing it later and after food. I'll let ye know how it goes and thanks for reading x

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Congratulation on starting and completing week 1, which ever way you decide to do your run is good.

All going well I hope to be completing week 7 tomorrow ..... I run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, early before work, this way I get the weekend off.

Good luck with week 2, you can do it :)


Go for your run tomorrow - you'll feel great once you've done it! The transition from week to week is so gradual that if you completed week 1 and feel okay then week 2 is the next step for you. We're all here willing you on - good luck! :)


Well done. I felt this way too but was amazed to find that I could do it (just, and puffing!)


Just go for it. I know everyone says it, but just trust the programme, because it's amazing how much more your body can cope with at every session. you'll feel so great after your run you'll enjoy your weekend much more!


Brilliant. Week 1 is probably one of the hardest in terms of getting out there and completing those 8 sixty second runs. You'll be fine to start Week 2. Go out and give it a go before you go away for the weekend then you'll be able to feel really pleased with yourself while you're away. Good luck. Claire. X


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