Couch to 5K

Week 6 Day 1 completed

"You're in a bad mood after work, so let's just stay home and have a relaxing bath. Your mam won't mind if you don't go today. It'll mean you're both synced for running again. That'd be nice, right?" is what Cecelia tried to tell me after Hubby-to-Be picked me up. She wasn't wrong in that today had been particularly trying but I looked her straight in her little beady eyes and said firmly: "Being in a bad mood is one of the reasons I go running", she had no answer to this and stopped talking for as long as it took me to get to the park...only for her to pipe up again upon finding that the park was closed

"Oh well," she shrugged "We tried. Let's go home. Oh, and we can stop at the pizza place on the way?"

"I didn't come all the way here to NOT go running. And besides, I deliberately left my handbag in the house. I'm not even in the mood for pizza" (swishing as I was with all the water I'd chucked down my throat today, I was willing to swear that there were oceans less hydrated than me at that point) and, thus, decision made, I began the run AROUND the area the park is in...which is even more hilly than the park itself but the feeling of achievement, especially when Right Said Fred began singing about standing up for the champion (i.e. ME!) was amazing.

Yes, my legs were aching a bit and I was breathing hard and sweating but it's a great feeling to have finished the run.

On the positive side of work today, a work mate told me I look like I've lost weight, especially around my face and we had a good joke around when I told him about C25K, he told me he admired me because he didn't think he could do something like it.

"Couch to Fridge more your thing, Bon-Bon?" (my nickname for him)

"Not even Couch to Fridge," he told me, laughing as he did, being a good natured chap I'm very fond of "I send the kids to the fridge for me. I'm more Couch to 5 packets of Cheese and Onion" (which admittedly sounded really, REALLY good but probably only because it'd been a long time since my lunch break)

Well, today's run is over, I've had my bath and am in my comfy PJs, in the company of one of the Small Feline Overlords whilst HTB is at his latest Gym session (I am SO proud of him for sticking with it)

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Well done for not letting anything get in your way!! :)


Im proud of YOU MrsPsycho 😊

Well done for going out and completing W6R1 this are doing brilliantly...

Keep going Onwards and Upwards.


You're into the final third. You're romping home to victory girl!


You're doing really well! You have got the measure of Cecilia and on week 6 already! Congratulations to you. Happy running even if the park is shut! 😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀


Feline Overlords... love it😂


Fantastic! You're just not taking any nonsense from that Cecelia - keep her in her place (a comfy armchair, with the TV control and lots of snacks so she doesn't bother you! ;) ) You are absolutely smashing this plan - well done! (And good on Htb too, keeping going with his gym plan. Keep encouraging each other, and you'll have made a full-on lifestyle change together) :)


we're slowly changing the way we eat, he's thinking more about what and how much he eats, even helping me with the cooking now and then. Even though I've had to put up with 'I wish we could have cake' this week (which means I've bought him a nice Weight Watchers chocolate brownie) we're both going strong and determined.

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