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A bad run is better than no run

From the title you can tell I had a bad run today! Last Easter at the age of 50 I graduated from C25K at Parkrun. I attend regularly and my PB, which I set just before Christmas is 29:44. Last weeks time was 30:29, but todays was 31:36. This week I have done every thing I usually do. Speed workout on Monday and Stamina 2 days later. My diet has been the same. So I thought today might have been a good day to get a PB at todays pacing Parkrun and I wanted somewhere between the 28 min pacer and the 31 pacer. Felt good during warm up and had the 28 pacer ahead of me and the 31 pacer behind me at the start. I soon lost sight of the 28 pacer, which is what I expected would happen. We have a 3 lap course and the 31 pacer wasn't far behind me during the first lap. Managed 9:50 for that lap. Then the 31 pacer went ahead, and stayed ahead of me. The second lap was tough and I began struggling with my breathing I really wanted to stop! The third lap didn't get any easier and I ended up having to walk on 2 occasions (something I have never done!) half way round. I usually manage a sprint finish for the final 200-300m, but had nothing to give. I ended up finishing just under a minute slower than the pacer. For me this run was bad with no reason why it should have been. But my son and stats (at 53.69% today and my fastest at 57.06%) tell me I'm doing really well for my age. I guess I should take it on the chin and see what next week brings.

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Indeed. Just one of those days and they can happen without rhyme or reason.

Try not to fret.

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I feel your pain. Now you know there is no such thing as a bad run but I realise that you're disappointed ..... I have a PB of 31.08 I'm 52, never ran before and I think I'll never improve on that. But that's OK because I love running and it's now a big part of my life 😀

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