My "GO FOR IT!" once per month day today

Most of my run days are around 5Klm long -- but I have basically given up monitoring my pace for them as I am ultimately training for a longer run in a couple of months time. So I mix these runs up a bit - sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes REALLY slow and also do a run/walk Long Run.

But once per month, it is "Pacer" day at my local Parkrun and, because my latest runs have all been fairly easy, I decided to "GO FOR IT!" today. My PB at my local Parkrun was 35minutes 20 seconds - but I had done 34minutes13 seconds at another venue. So I thought I would tuck in behind the 35 minute Pacer and see how I go. The problem with my Parkrun is that we have an old rail bridge at the 4Klm mark with a long gradual grind up onto it -- usually by this time I am tired and I have been known to succumb to the little voice in my ear telling me to walk!! The Pacer started out fairly fast (or so I thought) - and I wondered if I would be able to keep it up. At the 1Klm marker, we were at 6 minutes - where we should have been at 7 minutes -- Hold ON!! This is too fast for me - she is running at a 30 minute pace.!! So I slowed down and monitored my own times on my stopwatch at subsequent kilometre markings. I did finally catch up to her around the 3.5 klm mark - she obviously had realised that she was going too fast and slowed right down -- but I kept on past her.:) That last Klm was torture!! :) But I came in at 33minutes and 7seconds -- 2 minutes below my previous PB -- very pleased with that for an old F****. I can't get over that this only places me at 51% of the age graded ladder -- apparently the fastest 5K time for my age group of 65-70 is 17 minutes and 5 seconds !!!!! AAAGH!!


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23 Replies

  • So much for your pacer! Nice one, Baz. Isn't it great when this running thing takes us old F****s by surprise? It is great to smash your PB, but you are missing the extended smugness possibilities, by knocking so much off in one go, when you could have just shaved a few seconds each time.

    I have to say that the way you have rationalised your running, even down to your monthly "Go For It" and your mixed approach makes so much sense and I applaud you, your efforts and your new PB. Congratulations.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I like that- extended smugness!! Gonna try it x :-)

  • Congrats on the pb bazza.

  • Maybe the pacer was planning to walk up the hill at the end so was compensating at the beginning? ;)

    Great personal best, well done. That world record for your age group sounds a bit crazy, but at least they wouldn't have lapped you on this run (assuming it was just one big loop).

  • Yeah -- I have only ever wanted to get over that 50% mark -- now I can say that I am in the TOP 50% of runners in my age group :) However, I also came FIRST in my age group at this event -- I ALWAYS do!!! :)

  • Actually, if you look at the distribution of times achieved by runners in your age group, I think you'll find that you're in the top "x" % and that will be different from top 50%. If you have a look you'll find some age grading sites where you can put your age, gender and time in and up pops a little graph showing where your time is on the distribution curve. I'd be surprised if you weren't better than top 50%.

    Oh dear, that sounds like a lot of waffle. If you find the site I'm thinking of then hopefully you'll see what I mean.

    But congratulations on the first place anyway.... even if you were the only runner in your age group to run ;)

  • Did you see the 104 year old runner in the latest London Marathon - he came first in his age group too !!! :)

  • You really do like your stats hardcore don't you RNB :) Gotta love a normal distribution curve! :)

  • Did you know that 50% of people are of below average intelligence?? :)

  • Well I think it's a fair assumption that more people in that age group will be running 16 minutes slower than Bazza than 16 minutes faster... so my assumption is that the curve will be skewed (but I am a bit rusty and can't remember the exact term for the peak being towards the left rather than the right).

  • Surely the age grading shows that you are running at that percentage of the pace of the world record for your age/gender group and does not show where you fit within a population, so I can't see how you can apply a distribution curve. I am willing to be corrected.

  • Yes -- I think that is what RNB was actually saying - the % is the % of the world record for that age -- but in terms of actual runners at that age, she thinks that a person running at say 50% would be higher up in the pecking order in terms of the numbers of people running at that pace. Something like that anyway :)

  • Yes, you need different data. I think endomondo might do a bar chart of distribution of how fast people of an age range run and tell you where you fit (within a range), but to be fair I have no idea where they get their data from.

  • Great PB, very well done Bazza. I reckon you've got your run schedule about right. Haven't dared tackle a Parkrun yet, never mind one with pacers, so I'm always impressed by anyone who does :)

  • Ancient Mum

    You really should "dare" it -- I dared it from Week 2 of C25K onwards. You have now graduated - and I can assure you that there will be a lot slower and less fit than you at your local Parkrun!!!!

  • There seem to be an awful lot of scary hardcore running types round here who speed past when I'm out running without so much as a nod of acknowledgement. So if the run was full of them, and you can bet your PB it would be, then it seems a bit too intimidating to bother. May go and watch one week and get an idea of what it's like. I know, I should man up and just do it but deep down I'm a wimp :)

  • Honestly - Parkrun is not like that at all. Yes - there are the "enthusiasts" but once the gun goes of , I never see them again. All I see are the mid to back field runners -- and there are plenty of us. More of us than them !! :)

  • Go and have a look at Parkrun and check out the times people are running on your local run and I am sure you will be won over. It is a brilliant celebration of running for all ages, shapes and speeds.

  • Go for it AncientMum! I agree with Bazza & Iannoda- they are great. There are loads like me that just go for the enjoyment and let the fast ones go off and do their stuff. Everyone there is so friendly- I am fairly sure yours would be the same x

  • Well done, Bazza. I can't imagine running with a big crowd and take my hat off to anyone who does.

  • Te He!! Today wasn't a big crowd only 200 of us :) THIS is a big crowd -- I'm looking forward to it in August :)

    The 12 frontrunners are by invitation ONLY -- I am expecting mine to come in the mail soon ! :)

  • Whoop! Over 50%! Well done Bazza for getting past your pacer, a great time x :-)

  • fabulous progress, well done you :)

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