Couch to 5K


This blasted calf and shin zinging is getting right on my ti**! I couldn't be more organised with my resting, ice packing, heel drops, foam rolling etc but yet the flaming legs are getting more and more uncomfortable. I've got a theory and thought I'd run it by you, having just read a very interesting by Ashton


I'm trying to get to the Holy Grail distance of 10KM. I can do 8K (just!) and definitely 7, but todays glorious run was supposed to be 10% further than 8K. Twas not to be, dear reader. After just a few minutes I was aware that whereas before the niggles dissipated once the muscles were nicely warmed up, today was a different story. Perhaps I should just be happy with my extremely comfortable distance of 5K. I mean, it's half an hour, it's healthy, it would fit in to my work life balance (whenever I DO work that is - I'm a freelancer) and it's exactly 5K more than I could run this time last year!!! Get iiiiiiin!

Todays run was going nicely but after K3 I was desperate to sit on one of the wooden benches and just stare at the ducks bobbing about on the Thames in the bright sunshine. I resisted this particular urge and pressed on. A lollopping man runner passed me breathing like a horse giving birth and I couldn't believe his running form. It was....well.....HORRIBLE! But yet he zongled past me (just! - I was right on his heels until he turned off) and I wondered how ridiculous I must look. I kept going....

I saw a lady runner ahead of me and I wondered if I could catch her up. My shins were humming now and then a rather unpleasant pinging and zinging sensation in my hamstrings ON BOTH BLOODY LEGS! Jeeeeez! Just as I was contemplating what to do, LAdy Runner stopped and walked - she must've been a C25K'er. "Good for her" I thought and I ran past. I began to pick up speed and decided to ignore the discomfort, however this reckless bravado didn't last long and I HAD to stop for a walk. Today was NOT gonna be a glorious 8K (+10% remember!).

I crossed the road at Richmond Bridge and started running again - I say "running" as my feet were hardly leaving the ground but I kept on. I suddenly heard two "OK yah" types behind me - two guys running together and talking loudly "Yah and like I said are you serious? He put the phone down and I said......." (this was the only bit of conversation I heard). They past me at 120mph, their legs taking long effortless strides, their arms swinging naturally, their shoulders looking relaxed and their conversation boring the birds from the trees - (sorry...I was feeling a bit tetchy at this stage). I just had to stop again. The OK YAH's had sucked every last bit of energy from my useless legs and I decided to walk home - about 2K! I passed a lovely old lady who said to me "Go on then! Catch them up!" - she was referring to the OK YAH's. I laughed and said "I can't! And I thought I was better than this!" - I carried on with my warm down walk as briskly as I could and even tried a few yards of running, but Super Dan was out of puff today folks.

The great thing is, I have managed to get to the stage of this running lark that whenever you have a bad run, you should NEVER EVER let it get you down. I quickly put it behind me and jumped in the jacuzzi with some epsom salts for company (they're supposed to be soothing for your joints love!).

I think I may be pushing my 50 year old body just that wee bit too hard. I think it's saying "Oi Dan you great lump! You're not in your 20's or 30's yer great lummox! Slow down and listen to that body of yours." I tend to agree with my body. He's pretty smart you know......

STOP PRESS***** My super duper compression shin guards have arrived in the post! Hopefully these babies will give my shins the loving caress they deserve on my next outing. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY RUNNING!

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Love these tags. What has he been up to now?!

Apologies if this is uber obvious but are you resting long enough between runs? Your so-called ageing body ( from a body that's 10 years older!) may need longer to recover than your brain thinks.

Never mind, the next run will show those 'Okay Yahs' what for.

Fantastic to realise how much more you can do now than a year ago. Go you!


Hi jacqs99! Yes I do taken the requisite rest days as I ALWAYS do as I'm told. Just ask mrs dan! Thing is with this running is that it makes you feel so much younger than one physically is!

But that's a good thing right?!!


Most entertaining post of the day there!


Thanks dude.


Danzargo's posts are worthy


You are doing fab...and you should only aim for realistic goals and what you feel your body can deliver...from here it looks like you are doing just superbly, and I still think that if you slowed down you could go for longer....and f*** the OK Yahs...they don't have the va va voom that you have...well done!!!


The times women have said that to me Juju.....

But even when i feel like I'm crawling like a snail I seem to be knocking out 6mins per K. Maybe I should try reeeeeeally f****ng slow? Just for a laff? Ha! That's it! Stay tuned Oh Panther One!


OK Dan, Yah. Listen up to this almost 64 yr old body. Your 50 yr old body (a mere spring chicken) needs a good talking to, along the lines of......yeah, it hurts, yeah legs, you're not used to it, but it ain't gonna stop any time soon so get used to it. Do the rests, do the running, keep on trucking (and post some pics of all this lycra, Yah?). And, being serious for just one tiny moment, if you're doing a steady 6mns per K you're doing pretty well. Don't lose sight of that. Juicy is right (always!)


As usual Old Ned - ye is right! I WILL keep on trucking. Of course. And it's a brave man who would dare venture into a place where he might NOT agree with Juicy. Very brave indeed......


I shouldn't laugh as it sounds like quite a stressful run - but this did make me chuckle :)


No! You really SHOULD chuckle! That's the whole idea. :-)


Danzargo - you can mentally tell the Ok Yah's to 'bog right orf' next time you see them. Though you may never see them again, but it's what we say when driving and someone cuts us up! What's next on the clothes front? I need some springs in my trainers to get me going faster.


compression shin guards are the next skin hugging item! But not until I've rested these bloomin' legs and got 'em better!


Yes definitely rest them.


Great blog - got my attention immediately

'calf and shin zinging is getting right on my ti**! I couldn't be more organised with my resting, ice packing, heel drops, foam rolling etc' could have been doing my biography.

Must confess i've never stopped yet on a run because i know the injuries would just seize my body up and i wouldn't be able to start again. Perhaps it's a mental block with yourself about doing the extra distance, When the injuries get too painful for myself i just have a red mist which prevents me from stopping or walking - mentally i feel satisfied that i never stopped - physically it's probably the wrong decision. Wish i had a jacuzzi !


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