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W5R3 oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!

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I feel so good!!

Having spent the entire day dithering I finally went out and did it!! I just ran for 20 minutes non-stop for the first time in ....ever!! I won't say I can't believe it because I was there for every blooming second. It really is possible after 5 weeks of this programme. We are ready.

I was off work today and had planned to do it but then decided I'd wait for tomorrow to go at the same time as my twin sister. Hours of humbugging about later I emailed her, put on my running gear and went for it. The sun was a bit too hot, there were too many people about, my ancient M&S leggings kept slipping down, but I plodded on and on. The first 5 minutes I felt like I was perhaps being a bit over-ambitious - those nagging doubts that make me short of breath and heavy-legged. Then after 5 I kept thinking about all of you who have already done it and all your blogs and that spurred me on. At 10 minutes I thought, well, hell, half-way through so that's not too bad. I tried to enjoy the action of running and concentrated on my thighs which are my strongest feature (I fondly imagine). When Laura says there are 5 minutes left I was overjoyed that I'd already managed 15 and sure as hell wasn't to give up now. Then there was that soaring music Laura put at the end of the last run and I knew I was heading for tears....there they were!!

Well, the bottle's gone into the fridge and I'm going to be very merry for quite some time. Good luck to all of you, whatever stage you're at, and above all, enjoy!

29 Replies
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Wooo!! Well done you!! Enjoy the feeling of success!! :D Was there a little victory dance?? ;)

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to Rosey21

There were too many school-children around to do more than grin broadly and stupidly and try to control my tear ducts!

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Yay! I am just starting week 5 and I am totally freaked out. Congrats you give me hope x

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to jennstron

You can do this jennstron. Week 5 is so well planned out - it builds up your stamina and fitness but more importantly it allows you to get your head around the ever lengthening time. Once you've done 5 minutes several times you can almost imagine 8 minutes. Once you've done 8 minutes the leap to 20 is still big, but you visualize how it might be. I can't explain more until you've done it, but you'll see. Have faith in Laura and you'll get there.

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jennstron in reply to Nevertoolate

Aaaaw thanks for the motivation. I am certainly gonna try my best. Just can't get my head around the leap from 8 to 20. x

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Wow, that bought a lump to my throat! I start W5 tonight & will hopefully be posting similar to the above on Tuesday. I will think of your blog during my run & will definitely have to get a bottle of bubbly too for Tuesday night as I will do anything for champagne, even if it does nearly kill me. Enjoy, you well & truly deserve it.

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to jomcc4

It was great fellow bubbly-lover - look what a good excuse you'll have next Tuesday. Have a great run and above all, enjoy!

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Well done you - it's magical moment isn't it? You have just convinced yourself that you will be able to run 5K non-stop!

BJR67BJR profile image

Brilliant I am chuffed for you. It is my turn for the w5 r3 challenge tomorrow and I hope to be able to join the "20 minute club"

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to BJR67BJR

It's "tomorrow" now so see you soon?! I hope it went really well. Let us know the news.

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I will be joining the "20 minute club" on Sunday!

Notice I didn't say 'hopefully' or 'maybe', I just know I will be!

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to juliebee

You too juliebee, you have a great mind set so everything will be fine. Enjoy the success!!

runwalkrun profile image

Fantastic! Well done :)

zee11 profile image

well bloody done . i felt the same on weds when i did it the feeling is great and yr beaming al day ;-)

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to zee11

Congrats to you too!

hollyO profile image

Brilliant! Well done! It is a fantastic feeling, completing that W5R3 - go you! :)

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to hollyO

Thanks - as the song says, "This is the greatest day"!

Grammadog1947 profile image

Every time I read a "20 minutes" blog the tears well up in my eyes and stream down my cheeks. This programme is the BEST thing!

Good job Nevertoolate, and happy running.....

icandothis profile image

Well done its a great feeling completing the 20 mins, enjoy your achievement

pinepixie profile image

Fantastic! I knew you could do it - here's to week 6.

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to pinepixie

Thanks, we are well on the way now, there's no stopping us! See you in week 6 and we can grouch about having to walk!!

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Oh my god it jumps from 8 mins to 20??? well done you!

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to clairestanton

Don't panic, it will be fine. The plan prepares us physically for anything it asks of us. We may not even realise it but we're far fitter each week. You'll see, honestly, just trust the plan and keep on plodding however slowly. I'm convinced that my mind takes over in the first few minutes of every run and tries to convince me that I can't do it. Then my breathing gets more rapid and my legs are heavy. Once I think really positively everything goes more smoothly. Mind over matter! Good luck!

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Woohoo! Brilliant! Well done you! I can't wait to get mine done, it's like this massive hurdle on the horizon, once I manage that, I'll feel like I can do 30. With the current weather over here, it remains to be seen when I'll get W5 R2 done, everywhere is flooded! Then again, that means all other weekend plans had to be cancelled, so maybe I should just throw myself into the floodwaters and do it (although apparently it's gales next)... :-(

Nevertoolate profile image
NevertoolateGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Come on tantrumbean, you can do it. Yesterday it was reasonably hot here in the afternoon (22° is hot for me) having dithered so long but I just charged out and in the end "voilà", as they say this side of the water. Good luck.

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Morning everybody and thanks for the lovely comments. The champagne went down extremely easily last night and I still feel high this morning. To top it all my twin sister just rang to say she's done the 20 muinutes this morning! She lives in England and I live in France and in a couple of weeks she's coming to visit - we'll be doing week 8 together. Roll on week 6! Good luck to all of you.

Barney019 profile image

Oh well done, I knew you could! How great is this programme! x

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Really pleased for you. Hope you enjoyed your celebrations! What a brilliant thought running with your sis - good luck for our next week

Pancakes profile image

Wow! Well done you! I had tears in my eyes for you! Fantastic! 😀

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