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I'm going to miss Laura

Hi again,

Tomorrow is W9 R3 for me. I've been frantically searching for another app like C25k to train me up to 10k mark and I can't seem to find any guided running apps for my android phone.

I like the idea that Laura gives me the motivation to keep going and I'm worried I'll not succeed without her. Are there any apps for my android phone at all? Looks like I have to use my phone data to run the 5k+ podcast. I did see a post about apps the other day but can't seem to find it now.



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There are the podcasts which you can download and save to use. I downloaded on the computer and copied to the phone like a music track. The speed one is quite good.

Not used any apps myself.

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Hi .. don't forget that you don't have to ditch Laura straight away. I graduated a few weeks ago and still use the week 9 podcast for every run! (with my own music over the top too). I like having her tell me I'm 5 minutes in / half way / 10 minutes to go etc :-)


THere are three podcasts for graduates with Laura

I recommend starting with "stepping stones"

Stamina is harder. You can also continue with Week 9 for a while to build up your pace and distance. :)

Good luck with your graduation


Agree and seconded- I'm running to those podcasts and just completed my first Speed one as well 😀

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Thanks for that! I'll move on tentatively from repeating week 9 over and over again on to Stepping Stones too! :-)


C25K+ is your next step. And Laura is still part of it.


I have finished C25K as of last week. However, before going for any of the Bridge to 10K apps (B210K), I have decided to consolidate and run outdoors.

What I am doing is:

1. Run on treadmill with a one-minute of slightly faster run after every 4 mins - total of 30 mins run with 5 min walk before and after

2. Run as above with one-minute of 1.5 degree elevation every 4 mins

3. Run outside no matter how slow...but continuously

4. ParkRun/Run with my running buddy

Once I have done my next 5K - in hopefully 37 mins - and I have consolidated my running, I aim to start with the B210K Trainer app.

Good luck!


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