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W5 done ;0)

Done it....hooray.

Monday morning did r2 but worked 11 hours with no lunch everyday so had a 5 day rest...I have been eating and then falling asleep as soon as I got home so doing anything would have been impossible: strained my wrist too and can't hold anything in my right hand heavier than my iPad! Not a great week.

Anyway, flipping cold but bright out. The paths were slippy so my warm up walk was a stroll with wavy arms so I didn't slip up til I got to a local field. Jogged slowly around the field (scary incident with a dog :0( I was panting in places (read doing the up hill bits) but did my 20 mins just as I got back onto the road...didn't feel like stopping so I carried on for the 5 min warm down: I tortoise jogged for 25 mins!

My legs were pretty woobly but I reckon I could have carried on for a tiny bit longer.

I'm not sure that tortoise jogging counts as a run but I managed to not stop and am really proud of myself. If all I ever manage is a slow 30 mins then that is fine by me (doubt i'll make 3k in distance though!)

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Wow, well done you! That sounds like a great run!


Well done you're ready for week 6.


Why no lunch? Make your lunch and eat it at your work if needs be. Its all in the planning. To run and get fitter you have to get some decent fuel on board.

Keep on running. You can do this!


Tortoise jogging is just fine! Well done on completing week 5 x :-D


Well done - huge hurdle. Admirable after the week you've had.


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