W5R3 I DID IT!!!!!

Sooooo chuffed! :-))) I've been absolutely dreading it but reading all the posts on here about trusting in the programme, I gave it a go thinking I can always re-do it if its too much.. But it was fine! Legs got a bit tired in the last 5 minutes but my breathing was ok, and I actually carried on for another couple of minutes after the end to balance out the few seconds of going through gates on my route.

Really did not think when I started the programme coughing my way through 60 seconds of running that I'd ever be able to keep going for 20 whole minutes but I can! :-) And if an overweight unfit late 30's bird can do it, so can anyone. Bring on week 6! Woop!

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  • Woohoo - well done :-) That one makes everyone nervous but it's a massive sense of achievement when you've done it! Onwards and upwards.

  • Hi Topsychicks - fantastic, you should be justly proud of yourself. You've got it - trust the programme!

  • Brill well done you! Almost 2/3 of the way through!

  • Well done on getting the 'dreaded' run behind you. Good luck with week 6. Best wishes.

  • Fantastic topsychicks, well done. That's a milestone one, done! x

  • Well done, week six is not too bad ( still have run 3 to do ). Good luck and happy running

  • Well done. It's such an achievement. I have my 20 min run on Saturday morning. I wish tomorrow was Saturday. I hate rest days :D

  • Big congrats!!! You must be so pleased! Good luck for next week.

    I know the feeling of dread you mentioned for this run as I am currently experiencing it - have the run coming up tomorrow! Reading this has given me some reassurance though.. So thank you :)

  • Rebby, you WILL be fine. Best wishes.

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