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W5R3: I actually did it. If anyone is scared, don’t be!


Wow, I can’t just ran for 20 minutes straight! So proud of how far I’ve come. The run was actually anticlimactic in the end 😂 I wasn’t dreading the run, just skeptical that I could do it. The previous 8 minute run intervals were tough for my legs - calves in particular. At the the end of each of those intervals, I felt I couldn’t go any longer. If any one is in the same boat and scared as maybe they found the previous run hard, please don’t be! Take a extra rest day between R2-R3 if your legs are really tired. You are definitely ready for it!

A snapshot of my internal monologue during the run:

First 5 minutes - ‘Slow and steady wins the race. My calves are okay. I’m not out of breath. I might actually do this.’

Second 5 minutes - ‘Okay, my calves are a little tired, but I think I can keep going. Hey, I’m still not out of breath so that’s a good sign. I’m nearly at the half way mark.‘

Halfway - ‘Huh, Laura just said I am half way. Did it chime? I don’t remember it chiming. That was quicker than I expected.<takesawhiletosinkin> HOLY MOLY, I reached double figure minutes! Remember when 60s was hard?

Third 5 minutes - ‘oops! Spoke too soon! I’m really feeling it now. My calves are protesting. I don’t think I can do this. Can we stop?! We can try again in a day. Shhh brain, I’ve come too far to stop now! It’s just one foot in front of the other. We can do that.’

Final 5 minutes - ‘MIND OVER MATTER! MIND OVER MATTER! Oh there’s only 2 minutes left? That isn’t so bad, I can do that!’

During recovery walk - That was 20 minutes? I’m not dying. I don’t know what the fuss was about 😂

That 30 minutes seems so much achievable now.

Thanks for reading this far into this rambling post. Happy running everyone! x

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Fantastic run! You’re now just over half way in the programme and two thirds of the way to 30 minutes... of course you’ll do it. You managed the run perfectly, very well done.

Week 6 has some tricky intervals, they look easier than what you’ve just done... but they bite people’s butts if they go in all cocky and aggressive. Do what you did tonight, manage that pace well and you’ll have no worries. You got this now.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you! I will make a mental note not to go too fast. Cockiness never goes well!


bluepandaGraduate in reply to Springer1

Thank you :)


Yeah, go you 👏👏👏🤗

I love your description of it being anticlimactic, that's so true.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Thanks! It’s over hyped in your mind that it going to be so much worse.


Well done! Great run! Mind over matter! Congratulations! Milestone not only reached, but crashed!

Remember during next run slow and steady ;)

bluepandaGraduate in reply to IgaT

Thank you! I will remember that


Thanks for posting this and congratulations! I'm off out to do this run this morning, I'm feeling excited for the challenge.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to HomeEdMum42

Brilliant! That’s the correct mindset. How did it go?

HomeEdMum42Graduate in reply to bluepanda

I smashed it! I blooming loved it and did a little victory jump! Can't wait for week 6! I found it easier than I thought I would yet it feels like such an achievement having been at the stage of only just managing 30 second runs. I had a little tear to be honest! X

bluepandaGraduate in reply to HomeEdMum42

Yess!!! 🙌 Congratulations!

I’m doing that run tomorrow 😬 eek! But I WILL get there, by hook or by crook.

HiddenGraduate in reply to Windypop

You CAN do it. Just picture all the C25Kers at the side of the road cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way.

Windypop in reply to Hidden

That’s a nice, if embarrassing thought! 😂 thank you

HiddenGraduate in reply to Windypop

Not embarrassing at all. We will ALL support you every step of the way. We have all been there and had doubts, challenges and moments of down-right, 'I can't do this.'

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Windypop

You will definitely get there! Just watch your speed and keep it steady. We are all definitely here cheering for you! Music or audio books can distract you from the time. Let us know how it goes!


What an excellent post and I'm so proud that you kept going. The monologue is spot-on for many, and the memory of a difficult 60 second run only a few weeks ago is so accurate. We come so far so quickly.

Keep going, keep posting and keep enjoying running... hitting the trails or 10Ks etc are beckoning.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you!! It is crazy the progress we make on this program

Well done - Ive got W5R2 today, the 8 minute runs and am dreading it!

Windypop in reply to Pickles1234

Don’t dread it. I was too, but actually found it do-able, I was gobsmacked!i did it!!

LeadfootGraduate in reply to Pickles1234

W5R2 buddies! I'm heading out for that one this evening as well

Pickles1234 in reply to Leadfoot

Good luck with it - I did it and loved it!

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Pickles1234

Don’t dread it! You totally got this 💪 I think the dread comes from fearing you won’t be able to do it and what that means for the later runs if you can’t do this one. But, we all have bad runs every now and again, no matter the experience level. Runs that I thought would be difficult went well and the ones I thought didn’t look so bad were tough. Remember if the gremlins get the better of you, take a rest day and try again. It’ll only make you stronger.

All done and grinning from ear to ear 😊

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Pickles1234

Brilliant. Well done 👍


Loved the internal dialogue rambling. Well done you!

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Liz5K

Thank you :)


I just completed the 20 min run yesterday, felt like I could have gone on a little longer too! Good job. :)

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Rpej

Thanks and well done 👍


Well done! It’s amazing feeling isn’t it? I genuinely didn’t believe I could but I did it last week and I still can’t believe I managed it.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to SamSam17

Thank you! I woke up the next day thinking it was a dream


Congratulations. Yes, it's quite a milestone, isn't it? Now just take it steady, and you'll do 30 minutes no problem. Just don't rush at it. I have found the worst thing you can do is start out too fast, so stay cool and you've got it.


Well done ! I’m on wk 7 r3, and have done 2 extra 20min runs , putting off the day I have to do 28 mins, as have felt exhausted and depressed , and scared I won’t do it.

But your positive comments have spurred me on

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Suppledupple

So sorry you’ve been feeling down but I’m glad that this post has helped. Well done in getting to week 7. I think the jumps no matter where you are in the program will always be scary and will come with a chorus of ‘Icantdoits.’ Those extra 20 minutes run will, no doubt, have made you much stronger. Trust that the program knows what it’s doing (it has brought you this far!) and all you have to do is have a go:)


Great run and a brilliant post. You're doing really well. I'm a couple of runs behind you and feel inspired!

bluepandaGraduate in reply to buzzards

Oh! Glad you were inspired by this. Keep going and you will be amazed how far you have come :)



Week 6 seems easy by comparison and some previous runners have been tripped up by it.

Do celebrate your success. 20 continuous minutes might be your new PB.

Allow week 6 to build you up to new PBs

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