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The dreaded W5R3 - I did it!


To give hope to anyone who’s scared about the 20 minute run in week 5 - if I can do it, you certainly can!

I have been nervous about doing this ever since I found it was coming up, and have put it off by repeating runs 1 and 2, feeling as if I really wasn’t ready to run for 20 minutes straight.

This morning I had no more excuses and just went for it - and it was GREAT! Felt tired by halfway, but slowed it down, and when the time was up I actually felt as if I could have kept going. This is amazing as I have found every increase until now a struggle.

Trust the programme, it works miracles. I am 45 and haven’t run before in my life (enforced school runs around the playing field aside). Can’t wait for next week!

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Well done, its a great feeling isnt it!!!

Well done! Amazing achievement isn't it! 💪😁


Well done - I've got this one on Friday - it's great to hear other peoples' experiences. Makes it less worrying somehow! You must be so happy! :)

Good on you. You did the work previously and so today was just the next stepping stone.

Every run is doable and so trust the programme and more importantly, believe in yourself.

Good luck with your future runs.


Well done you. It really is..just another run and one that you are ready for. Take each run..each week steadily and slowly.

Trust the programme..believe you can do this run... you can 😉

Amazing to read and so inspirational, thank you!!!!

Oooo, that's hugely encouraging. I keep double-checking it's true and still there in the Google drive spreadsheet. And it is. Due Sunday for me 😰. But looking forward to Wk 5:2 tomorrow on the back of a fabulous feeling Wk 5:1 yesterday. Your post is perfectly timed and so encouraging. Thank you, and keep it up 😄


Thank you all for your lovely comments, the support from everyone on here has been fantastic. It has really helped me to read that other people are finding it challenging but doing it anyway. Well done us! About to go for my first run of week 6 😀

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