Totally exhausted but I did it!!! W5R3!!

Today was the dreaded W5R3 - was dreading it. To go from 8 minutes to 20 minutes is a massive increase. Tonight my husband came with me as my cheerleader and moral support. I am so glad he came because I think I would have quit early. :(

The first 5 minutes were so hard for some reason - breathing was tough and legs were not playing along with my plan to run for 20 minutes. I would have quite happily quit but fortunately my lovely husband kept me going :D

The 2nd 5 minutes weren't much better - the inclines felt like mountains and the wind was bitter - but I felt so pleased when Laura said I was half way through. It's the longest time I have ever run in my entire life.

The next 10 minutes were spent trying to think about success and what I would write in this blog. There was absolutely no way that I was slinking back home to say I'd failed after I'd got more than half way through. ;) I thought if you've got this far you might as well finish it and finish it I did with husband's encouragement (even if I was going no faster than a snail with a walking frame!).

The elation when I finished was fantastic - I nearly cried!! Thanks to all fellow bloggers and my husband for keeping me going! I think I'll celebrate with a lovely bubble bath and plan the next run. :D


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  • well done thats a fantastic achievement!!

  • Your well on your way, well done. I think w5 is the hardest because of the sudden jump up, but keep going, I'm in w8 and still going strong despite feeling a lot of what you've felt today :)

  • Well done......after struggling with this week myself I know what an achievement it is...keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations, massive milestone that run :)

  • Well done you! Amazing! I did w52r today so am looking forward (?????) to the big one this Sat!!! x

  • Terrific, many congrats on your success! :D Enjoy those bubbles and plot you next outing in a warm steamy atmohere. Look forward to hearing about future successes :) Linda x

  • Fantastic Helen! So lovely too that hubby was there to support you. My OH is brilliant with his support to, always encouraging, never doubting, will run with me when he can as my pacemaker - brilliant isn't it?! :) Hope you enjoyed your bubble bath and now to week 6 - remember, slow and steady!


  • Well done, huge achievement. :-) If it makes you feel any better I did cry when I completed the 20 minute run. :-)

    Very best of luck with week 6.

  • Yay, well done Helen!!! I did it too and was thinking of you during it wondering if you were out too. Had a huge smile on my face at the end. Bet you did too. X

  • Brilliant! Was wondering how you'd got on - glad to hear it went well. This community certainly helps doesn't it? Well done. Week 6 starts on Saturday - hope its ok. Good luck x

  • Absolutely brilliant going!! Well done you for not giving in to the negative running demons!

    What a cheer leader your Hubble - ever thought of loaning him out? ;-)

    Good luck with your next run, you're almost there!!

    Ali :-)

  • Oh we'll done, I love hearing these w5r3 success stories. This was such a big deal for me, I spent 2 weeks worrying about it!! It really is the 'gateway run' I think you should be called a 'runner' after this one x

  • Well done you!!! It's a great feeling isn't it.

  • You are fabulous !!! Much respect and admiration !! I will be following in your 20 minute footsteps on Monday x well done x

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