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I finished W7 D2's run today. I have four runs left until I finish the C25K program and was wondering if it would be okay to jump right into the Bridge to 10K once I complete it next week. Any advice?

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If you have completed W7R2, then you should have 7 runs left (the program is 9 weeks).

That aside, one you have graduated, yes there is no problem to go straight to B210K.

All the best.


I'd avoid it. Conventional wisdom on this forum (and prior experience) says spend 4-6 weeks consolidating your 30 minute runs, then talk on more time or distance.


I would just progress your runs slowly week by week. No more than 10% per week. Also include some. Variety like speed work, and just one longer run per week


I too would be very careful and work up to the start of B210k. Most of the versions I've seen start with the first weeks runs being 4x10 mins with short walking breaks - so that's a huge increase in time from week 9. By all means continue to build up a few minutes each time, until you're close to that, but I'd be very wary of going straight in.

Also, C25k is nine weeks to get you from nowhere to 30 mins; most B210k plans seem to be six weeks to double the time you're running at the end of C25k - so 15 weeks to go from no running to an hour non-stop. That's a heck of a change; personally I'd want to take it more gently to reduce the risk of injury.

All that said, there are people on here who've done exactly that without any issues, I'm sure! ;)


Not necessarily a great idea... Get to Graduation and totally enjoy that moment, :) then.. as the others suggest some consolation and building up could be useful.

I found it really great to enjoy just running for pure joy... just because I could, no pressure, no constraint on time or distance. Then moved on to the C25K+ podcasts, which many of us find really useful. :)

My favourites... Speed and Stamina.. folk have their own preferences. :) I still, as many of us, use them now, just for fun, as a challenge, or incorporated in another longer run.

The choice will be yours... I, then, started very slowly (my choice) moving up towards getting to a 1K.. using a Bridge to 10K programme.

So, my advice, enjoy the rest of C25K, Graduate and then see how you feel after that point.

The folk on the Bridge to 10K forum will be only to pleased to welcome you, when you have graduated C25K, to give you support and advice, on how and where you want your running path to take you :)


I would do stepping stones podcasts, free to download from here

I would run them to death, get them off pat before embarking on Bridge to10k with Sami Murphy, also,free to,download from here. Tons of tracks on it, some pearlers too 😊 I love em. Did I ever say? 😁😁😁😁

OldflossAdministrator in reply to misswobble

You did :) x


Hi please don't rush. It sounds like you have seven runs left of the programme and then you will want to consolidate the running for half and hour and perhaps build up up to 5k if you aren't there, which most folk aren't at graduation. I took it slowly building up to 5 k but still managed to injure myself. Have had calf , hip and ankle injury since graduation last summer and a lot of resting time which is frustrating- don't know if I over did it but I sure am starting gently again when I can restart the runing in a few weeks.


Slow and steady is still the mantra post graduation. You need to build your running legs and stamina, so perhaps consolidate you 5k for a while. Also mix up your training with intervals, hills etc but again be careful to build steadily. The IC is no fun so take care. Add in some strength and flex exercises too!

Have fun 😃🏃🏼‍♀️


no, don't go straight to b210k after graduating, build gradually, keep doing 30 min runs, building on that to 5k distance, consolidate those 5k runs including some hill work, which will help build stamina before to going b210k...


I agree with all the comments. Take it slow, enjoy your running with no pressure for a few weeks and then you can make a decision after that. A lot of people (me included) missed the structure after Week 9 but now I find it's nice to just be able to go out for a run occasionally with no time/distance/pace in mind and just enjoy it so try and perhaps try and experience this for a while first before setting a new target. :)


The bridge to 10k is quite tough and ramps up the distances very quickly. It's completely different from Laura where all the runs are possible, one after the other with nothing else in between. I've been running for a year now and it's only really now that I reckon I could run 40 mins 3x a week with no difficulty. I started the bridge to 10k after about 6 months of running and I mixed it up with other things, only doing one or maximum 2 of the B210k runs a week, partly because it was difficult finding the time, but really because I found the runs very tiring! Take your time, but do try and find a routine so that you keep running.

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