Bridge to 10k- Ideas / suggestions

Hi runners,

I am finishing my 2nd c25k of the year- I was very slow after the first one and feel a lot fitter and faster 2nd time around. However, I know I NEED a programme to help me continue. To keep me motivated, I am signing up for a 10k race in 12 weeks.

Can anyone recommend a podcast or alternative? I know there is rave reviews for the NHS podcasts, but I am really looking for a structured programme. I've seen Suz's podcasts but just couldn't run to RnB. I do have a smartphone, but its a windows phone and apps are very limited...

Any ideas please?

Thank you so much!


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  • Can you use a Runkeeper app? I think they have a number of 10k plans, highly structured but your own music.

  • No. The app store with Microsoft is rubbish. I use Endomondo but there isn't much else...

  • There are 2 programmes here somewhere, Sami Murphy and Bluefin, hang on I'll see if I can find the link...


    There you go, they're in this post xx

  • Thanks, will check them out!

  • I'm using the Bluefin podcasts - they're the same structure as the Sam Murphy plan, but just different music. So far I've made it to week 4... ;)

  • Another vote for the Bluefin podcasts from me (although I haven't listened to any others). I'm also up to week 4.

  • I have the Bluefin podcasts too, it seems to me there are only about 5 songs....if I have to hear about the little bunny rabbit one more time I'll catch it and make a stew of it....does it get better in later weeks?

  • In the last run I did I'm sure I had the bunny rabbit song twice - once during the run and then again at the end of the cool down.

    If it gets any better/worse later on I'll let you know.

  • I'm sorry to say, folks, that the music doesn't get any better!

    Little bunny rabbit..! Haha! :D

  • Sami for me. The music rocks and all chosen to be inspirational. I run the podcasts each time i go out for a run

  • There is an alternative - a 5 mile (8K) training program - Goggle "gateway to 8k program" with some podcasts for you

    Heres a link to show the program fitnessroadtrip.wordpress.c...


    Samantha Murphy worked well four me. Played the podcasts and did what she said, just like with Laura.

  • Oh loads of ideas! Will look into all of them. Thank you for the suggestions and taking time to reply. I really appreciate it!

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