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Bridge to 10k Any recommendations please


Hi. I graduate tomorrow & I will aim to do 5km (it'll take me longer than 30 mins).

I've signed up for the City of Manchester 10km on 12th July as something to aim for.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a Bridge to 10k app for the iPhone?

I've downloaded 10k runner app but that starts from the basics and I can already run 5km. I could join it at week 9 (of 14 wks) from the 30 minutes of running bit but I wondered if there was a specific app anyone would recommend?

I looked at my Asics plan & it has an 8km (!!!) run as the second run of the plan & I think that's too much too soon.

Please, can anyone help as I'd really like to do this 10k in July.


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Just do two 5ks a week and one longer run, adding up to 10% of previous week's total. So first week, two 5s and a 6.5, etc. The following week 2 5's and an 8.15. However much you feel comfortable with within those limits.

Or, at the other end of the scale, given that you have a good ten weeks between now and your race, you could simply add 0.5k to your long run every week and you would still be up to 10k in time.

Thanks Rignold. I think Ancient Mum said something similar in another post.

I was just hoping for an app like Laura which would encourage me!

But I guess I can increase my km each long run by 0.5 & get used to listening to my own music!

Or ditch the music altogether and just run naked (as they say - not actually naked). At this time of year when the weather is fine there is nothing nicer than just running and listening to the sounds of your environment without the distraction of music. I admit I prefer headphones in winter when its dark and grim but in Spring and summer its a delight to be free from the tyranny of the noise.

Either way, best of luck . I'm sure you will have great success.

WristyGraduate in reply to Rignold

this is oh so true in London - a run around a quiet park is something to just relax and enjoy!

might try without music next week, thanks :)


Map My Run Trainer will make a plan just for you. I have not used it but I got any email about it yesterday. :)

thanks Princess Stef. I just looked at it and it looks like you have to pay. Was hoping to get a free app tbh. but thanks

PrincessStefGraduate in reply to mancunianpoodle


in Playstore (Andriod) it is free. Not sure about IPhone -


will take a look, thanks :)

check out I've only had few reads, its a book or download, but can be read online, but suggests running for 5k and 10k, and has sections in each of these for beginner, intermediate etc .

will check it out, thanks :)


I've just done a Bridge to 10k program and have really enjoyed it.

It's a little tough so I think I would take a few weeks to consolidate being able to run 5k first before you begin increasing your distance.

This is the one I have just done but there are variations (the music on this one I found to be a little repetitive)

I prefer a podcast but it's available as an app too I believe....

Good luck with it, but don't do too much too soon! Also, good luck for your graduation run :) xx

mancunianpoodle in reply to Hidden

Thanks Spiky will take a look. good idea to consolidate! :)


I'm using the Bluefin Bridge to 10k podcasts on my iphone. Week 1 is a *big* step up from C25k though - its 4 x 10 mins running which puts you well over the recommended maximum 10% weekly increase. Week 2 is 3 x 15 mins, which is another big step up - but after that it levels off a bit.

All that said, it's working for me so far - I did week 3 run 2 yesterday, and ran just over 4 miles in total (excluding the walking bits). But with hindsight, I'd probably ignore the first two weeks of this plan and build up a bit more gradually to 40 mins total - or perhaps do two 30 minute runs, and one B210K run for a few weeks, just to build up the stamina more gradually.

Peter_BGraduate in reply to RainbowC

I'm also using the Bluefin podcasts. Did run 2 of week 2 this morning. So far I'm really enjoying them.

As Rainbow says that first week is a bit of a jump, but very manageable if you keep your pace nice and easy.

I am skipping 1 run from each of the first few weeks, so doing 2 B210K runs and a parkrun each week, just because I want to get to the meat of the plan in time for a possible 10K event in 6 weeks time.

The music isn't anything to write home about, but it's not too bad, just something to listen to. There isn't much in the way of talking, just a chap telling you when to walk or run and popping up at certain times to tell you how long you have left in a run.

I got the podcasts from a link posted on here a little while back

will take a look at bluefin, sounds good. thank you! :)

thanks also for the link


I actually used myasics to get me to 10k - I had already booked a race at the end of May and wanted to get ready with that in mind. The myasics tailored my training around that target rather than some vague 10k off in the distance somewhere. Prefer it to an app if I am honest.

I know I'll be doing a 10 k on 12 July so I have a date in mind. I'm in no rush and I think doing 8km as my second run in week 1 of my asics plan is pushing it too far. but thanks :)

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