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Bridge to 10k

Hello all

Had really started to worry that I couldn't do this running any more. Not sure if I was pushing myself to far too quickly. I completed the c25k back in November and then had to take 5weeks off becuae my son broke his leg and was in hospital. So the beginning of January I went back out and hadnt really lost any fitness. So increased from 5k to 7.5k in 3 weeks. Which was very good but I think too quick. It seemed that I hit a wall and then couldn't really run for awhile. Was really still going out but struggling with 5k. So took a week off to rest my body.

So this week I started the bridge to 10k. I have really been enjoying my runs this week. Have even managed 3x 6k runs which is really good. So Monday I start week 2 of the 6 week programme.

I am so pleased that I have got my mogo back as have signed up for a 10k run in April. 5 weeks time.

Good luck to you all. This programme is amazing and so glad I started it xx

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Go, go, mogo!! :D

Sounds like although you've had some ups and downs with your training over the last few months, "Bridge 2 10k" is giving you some focus again. I wish you the very best of luck.

I graduated C25K last month and I've been keeping up my 3-4 runs a week - mostly 5K or above but only once without a quick walking break (<30 seconds), and sometimes several breaks! Still, I'm pushing my time down for the 5K - PB is 27 minutes and something.

Like you, I've also signed up for a 10K in April. I have been worried recently that by allowing myself walking breaks every time I go out, I'm avoiding developing the mental toughness needed to push on to longer distances. I also got a tip from the local Parkrun champ (1st place nearly every week) that "it doesn't ever get easier - you just get faster". This puts the mental pain and suffering up there as the biggest challenge to conquer. I've also heard said that once you can run 6km or so, your body is ready for any distance, more or less.

With all that in mind, I've been coming back round to the idea of following a podcast series to keep me focussed and saw your thread heading up the daily digest email in my inbox. I was inspired...

I start tomorrow. ;)

Again, good luck with yours!



What is Bridge to 10K???


If you search online, you will see there are a number of 'bridge to 10K' programmes, aimed at runners who can do 5K. They usually take around 6-8 weeks, although if you are very new to running then it may be wise to take it a little more slowly, to avoid injury.


A set of MP3s are available here:



Great!! Thanks for that


Thank you for your kind words. It has been a struggle but I haven't let it get the better of me. I want to do this for myself and those out there that never thought I would last. So the bridge to 10k is the way farward and that even has walk breaks in it so don't worry. It has really got me focusing again and thats what I needed. Good luck with your 10k too and let us know how you get on. All the best


All sounds good! Have fun! :D


I'm struggling with Bridge I really am. Maybe it's because I'm older (56) but I'm finding it difficult to progress at all. I love the music on the podcasts and that helps but I just don't feel fit enough to keep going. It's really frustrating as I really want to do it but physically just can't, I've not got the puff. I think I have the legs, it's just my upper body and lung power that's letting me down. I'm hoping Jillian Michaels DVD's can lick me into shape


Misswobble I've got that DVD , highly recommend it


Lol listen to me , only done it twice x


I think your goal to reach 10k and be ready for your race in 5 weeks is certainly achievable. Sounds like you back in the running mode again and enjoying it.


I am doing zilch at the mo rockette as I still have a lousy cold


Good luck for the 10k in April snats. I'm trying the Bridge to 10k, but it is tough. I still feel unfit and am going slowly, but I am still going I guess. I didn't know whether to try and increase my slow 5k speed or try the 10k, but I just opted for the latter.

Weighty80 glad you're still running.

Misswobble hope you feel better soon.


Without fail! ;)


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