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Week 3 run 1 and confused

I did week 3 run 1 tonight and feel so pleased with myself that I managed it! Running for 3 minutes was so hard and I thought I would give up a few times but I didn't :-)

However when I got back and looked at the distance I had been I was shocked to see it was quite a bit less than all other times I have been out. I normally have a bit of a walk to go after the 5 min cool down walk, same goes today but my distance seems to be decreasing and I just feel like it should at least be the same - still never mind I ran/staggered for 3 whole minutes twice! Woohoo :-)

And I know it's only week 3 but I still don't think I would have made it this far without everyone's encouraging words and blogs - thanks everyone :-)

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Don't worry, I noticed that too. Week three is actually a shorter podcast than all the others, 27 mins (I think) instead of about 32, so that it explains it. Well done on getting this far. I am in week 4 and absolutely astounded that I can run 5 mins! These podcasts are the bomb! :)


Ah that explains it then!! Thank you for that was beginning the think I had slowed down to a crawl pace ha :-)

Am actually excited for week 4 now and being able to jog for 5 mins when I could barely do 60 seconds a couple of weeks ago, am beginning to love Laura ha :-)


I just did week 3 session 2 tonight and in the first two weeks I was doing 2 laps of the park for each podcast whereas with the week 3 I am doing 1 1/2 laps. I just figured it was because I had slowed my jogging down to ensure I could do it for the three minutes. Good to know the podcast is 5 mins shorter as well as I hadn't appreciated that.

I figured as I get used to jogging for longer periods I will be able to jog slightly faster.

Keep going x


Definitely good to know ha :-) yeah I've been thinking that once I get through to where I can jog for a good stretch of time, I can then look at things like speed etc ..

Good luck with session 3 :-)


It's designed this way. The programme is quite mixed. It's to do with building stamina and making sure you don't get injured


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