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B210K week 5 run 1 done

So despite having walked Rico today - 5 miles, cutting the grass (45 mins) and defrosting the freezer I decided I have to get B210K done before my hols on Friday. Week 5 run 1 was today - 5.3 miles total in 58 mins. You run 2 x 22 mins and I found it so much easier than 3 x 18. Yes I was hot, very hot so no PBs just another run ticked off.

Let's see what Tuesday brings...

Cool runnings to all

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Flippin' eck...! Well done for fitting all that in, I think I need a lie down just from reading about it! Good luck for Tuesday! :-)


Thanks dottie.


Irn Bru!


Made in Scotland - from girrrderrrs :-) xxx


Absolutely - I'm from Muscleburgh


Oh, very apt ! :-) xxx

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