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Week 3 run 1 completed


On Monday evening I managed to complete the first run of week 3. Wasn't really looking forward to the 3 minute runs but managed them without any drama.

I still end the run a real mess, but strangely no worse than when I started week 1. There is obviously method in this madness.

Run 2 tonight.

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Three minutes. just think what else you could do in three minutes that would be as worthwhile as this. Not a lot! Stick with it John, you're doing great. Week 4 already! Can you believe it. It goes like lightening. Go carefully!


I predict that in a few weeks time you will be running for thirty minutes and be in no more mess at the end, than you were when you started W1. In a few months time you will run for thirty minutes and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Good luck. Keep running,keep smiling.

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Exactly - it's such a great programme for building up step by step

Fantastic well done!! We're nearly half way.....see you in week 4

Brilliant stuff! You are doing great John, well done. Enjoy the progress you're making, you deserve to feel well proud of yourself :)


Well done John. You sound so much brighter than when you first posted here. The C25K programme and the forum seem to have done you some good, not least your own efforts in getting on with the running. You've come far since that first run, good luck with the rest of Week 3. Best wishes.

Hope run 2 went well. You're a day ahead of me, so I'm with you in the good bits and the less than good bits. I hope Ianodda's predictions will work out in my case, too!

Thanks everyone. All this support and encouragement means a lot to me.

I'm sure like everyone else I was full of trepidation at the start - wondering what I'd let myself in for and even if I could do it. Taking it one session at a time and as Laura says before the second set on week three 'keep calm and pace yourself' (or something like that) makes all the difference.

I know pride comes before a fall but I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. I've just completed run 2 and added 1 on the treadmill incline as well. Usual soggy mess at the end but no worse than at any other time.

Can't believe I'm almost a third of the way through already.

Roll on Saturday for run 3.

All the best to everyone and thanks


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