Week 3

Week 3, run 1 was lunch time today and we did it again, no breaks! As ever, we went very steadily, so much so a brisk walker was keeping up with me :\ :D

I hadn't twigged that there was only 4 parts to it, I was too busy concentrating on the fact I felt like I'd collapse before 3 minutes of running.

I actually felt a bit deflated afterwards. I think the reason is I couldn't go faster ( I know it isn't about speed, but I was very stead today) because my calves are still hurting soooo much when out, but my lungs felt well today and I needed very little recovery time. So maybe I felt like I hadn't done as well as I could. I'm not demotivated though, gives me a starting point for Wednesday on run 2.


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13 Replies

  • Speed WILL come, don't worry :) I entered my first race a while ago and was flabbergasted to do the 5K in 33 and a bit minutes. However, when I am doing my regular running I can set my watch almost by the 38 minutes it takes :)

    Main thing though is to just keep it fun and beware of the subtle gremlin known as "The self-competiveness that leads to demoralisation" ;)

  • Thank you. Yes I need to remember it's not what others think, it's what I feel and that I am doing this for me. Good tips, :)

  • A journey, not a race.. really. :)

    As Irish-John says the time for speed does come later. At this stage, far better to take it steady and reach Week 9 safely and injury free. The weeks build up. steadily and slowly, you may nake 5K by Graduation or not.. it is about stamina and always trying to stay injury free :)

    I , when not crocked, regularly complete a 5K run at just under 30 mins... but.. I do a 5K as one of my runs every week... ( along with a 3K, it is a favourite) ,so it is almost a habit.

    At the moment, as I am just off the IC, I am not running far and am running very, very slowly and steadily.. because I know, as I build up again, I will reach my previous form :)

    Listen to your legs...they are telling you that it is about keeping it steady :)

    When you have reached Graduation, then the world is your oyster.. you can focus on speed, distance anything you like :)

    You do this your way..it is your journey, have fun.. you are doing this for you!

    I love this quote..

    " Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment" :)

  • The calves will calm down! Mine killed me for a while. Don't worry about the speed, as everyone says, that will come later. With your positive attitude, you're already well on the way😊

  • Don't worry about the speed. If you've got a little bit left in your tank at the end of a run then you know you'll be able to handle the next run and the step up in the next week. :)

  • Thanks everyone. Today is W3R2 and I've had a hectic and fairly physical morning, so I have no idea if that's going to help or hinder. We shall see in 30 mins when we set off! Today and Friday on week 3 before the dreaded step up to 4!

  • Ha Tracy..good luck with R2 today. Just the 4 runs remember..you can do it. Go at your own steady pace, your legs will thank you..😊

    Lastly...'dreaded step up'... noooo😊

    We say onwards and upwards and I can do this because I am ready..😄

    The program does work, honestly so go to it with a positive attitude. xxx

    Let us know how this one goes.

  • I think I meant it in good humour :) I think anyway haha x

  • Thank you for your reply Jan, I am back now and do you know what? I really enjoyed it! I feel so much better than Monday as I pushed myself on the first 90 sec run, for the last 30 seconds or so, to go a bit faster and I managed to and felt fine. Then the second 90 second run I took steady at Monday's pace. I struggled (pleasantly?) with the 2nd 3 minute run. The last 13 seconds felt like hours but I didn't stop and covered 3.34km in 34 mins. I am feeling great.

  • Woo hoo from me..😊xx

  • Week 3 Run 3 just completed, in the snow! It hasn't laid but it was crunchy underfoot and very fresh shall we say! It hurt my chest a little when breathing heavily taking the cold air in but I feel so much better for it as always. There isn't a run I have done that I haven't felt better afterwards, aching and tight maybe, but I always feel better. I am going to start a new thread for week 4. 1/3 of the way through.

  • Extra points for going out in the snow😊 great commitment TracyC1980 xx

    Looking forward to your Week 4 R1 report. xx

  • Thank you :D I am nervous but looking forward to it x

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